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Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo (KK&O) has been winning cases for Pennsylvania’s injured workers for over 80 years. The law firm’s compensation attorneys in Pottsville aim to support your legal needs and provide you maximum compensation with no upfront cost.

The US News and World Report has named KK&O as one of 2020’s best law firms. We specialize in two practice areas: Pennsylvania workers’ compensation and the United States Social Security Disability.  

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Working In Pottsville, PA

Located just south of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, you’ll find the Schuylkill County city of Pottsville. While Pottsville might be on the smaller side with a reported population of around 14,000, the city is booming with hardworking employees and even became the county’s transportation hub for the Schuylkill Transportation System (STS) in 2011. Pottsville is best-known as the home of Yuengling’s headquarters, the United States’ oldest operating brewing company, which was established in 1829.


What Industries Dominate the Pottsville Landscape?

What you may not know is that Pottsville actually has an extensive anthracite coal mining history, which all began with a coal seam that was discovered by hunter Necho Allen back in 1790. Pottsville also experienced a surge in the textile industry, when apparel company Phillips Van Heusen originated in 1881. Founder Moses Phillips’ wife would sew men’s flannel shirts, and he would sell them to the local coal miners. While Moses Phillips’ company went onto grow and expand, the anthracite industry wasn’t as lucky and came to an end following World War II.

With a 94.3% employment rate, Pottsville is now thriving with dedicated laborers working in a wide range of occupations and industries. Schuylkill County has also been working on adding more and more jobs in recent years, attracting skilled workers in many unique industries.

While the city is dominated by the warehousing and storage industry these days, Pottsville has done a remarkable job of diversifying its economy over the past few decades.

Pottsville Workers' Compensation: Frequently Asked Questions

What workers’ compensation benefits can I expect?

If your claim for workers’ compensation is approved, you may receive payment for health care support and lost wage benefits. Aside from medical benefits, you may also receive retraining costs, permanent injury pay, and death benefits.
KK&O provides you with the legal services you need to secure the workers’ compensation benefits you rightfully deserve.

How long will it take to get my benefits?

The average workers’ compensation case takes 16 months to settle. Only less than 20% of cases are resolved within six months, while 50% of the cases are resolved between 13 to 24 months.
If you have workers’ compensation insurance, your insurance company will cover the costs of the compensation. However, if it is slow to review your case, getting your benefits from work injuries might take longer.

What can a workers’ compensation attorney do for me?

Hiring an attorney can help you secure lost wages, benefits or a settlement in the event of a work-related injury. Our attorneys can also help with Social Security Disability applications and appeals for denied claims. We will also protect you in cases of company retaliation.
At KK&O, a retired workers’ compensation judge reviews legal matters for free. Our reliable team of attorneys will support your workers’ compensation or Social Security disability claim.
Pottsville lawyers Susan Henry, Saad Aslam, and Steven Shamberg, can help fight for your work-related injury compensation. They have years of experience in the workers’ compensation field.

Can I get workers’ compensation if I’m in a union?

If you are a union employee, our law firm guarantees to take a close look at your union contract with the help of an experienced attorney.
This thorough review is important because the contract details how you can report personal injuries. You will be allowed to choose the lawyer who will handle your legal issues.

How can I get workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act covers almost all employees in the state. Under the workers’ compensation law, you are entitled to compensation if your injury occurred at work.
You are not eligible to receive these benefits if your injury is proven to result from drunkenness or illegal conduct. If your insurance company denies your claim, you have three years to appeal the decision to a workers’ compensation judge.
Employment laws and workers’ compensation laws vary from state to state.

Who You Are:

You’re a Pottsville native! You know what it takes to get the job done, and are ready to put in all the hard work that is necessary. But, even though you’re never afraid of a challenge, you’re not invincible. Whether you’re a second-grade teacher or a construction worker, nobody is immune to work injuries. If you were hurt on the job, you need to reach out and talk about your options in possibly receiving workers’ compensation.

Who We Are:

We are Pottsville’s premier Workers’ Compensation law firm. Pottsville works hard, and we work even harder to protect them and get them the compensation they deserve after getting hurt on the job.

There is never a fee for advice or a consultation. Your health and safety are of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we do not charge you a fee, until we win your case. Contact us today for a consultation.

What We Can Do for You:

Work injuries don’t discriminate with who they affect. No matter what industry you work in, or what your job title is, you are not immune to being hurt on the job.

You may be a receiving associate, working at the local Wal-Mart or Lowe’s and suffer from a slip-and-fall while unloading a truck, or a muscle strain from carrying a heavy box.

You could be a Pottsville School District teacher who was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome after repeatedly typing in grades on the computer all day long, or suffer a heart attack that was induced by a high level of work stress.

Maybe you are a nurse at a Schuylkill Medical Center who was exposed to MRSA while taking care of an infected patient or suffer from constant back pain as the result of repeatedly lifting patients over the years.

No matter what the occupation or injury, you deserve to have your workers’ compensation or social security disability case heard.

Let one of our experienced work injury attorneys stand by your side in your time of need.

Get Your Free Consultation With a Pottsville Workers' Comp Attorney

KK&O has offices all over the state. You can discuss with us your workers’ compensation matters at our law offices in Philadelphia, Allentown, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, and Wilkes-Barre.

Call us now or visit our law offices for a free consultation and get legal advice on your compensation claim at no cost.

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