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Our Williamsport lawyers at Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo are ready to pursue maximum workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability benefits at no upfront cost if you got hurt on the job. Our attorneys at KK&O have been have helped over 300,000 injured and disabled Pennsylvania workers get their benefits. We’re ready to help you next. All you have to do is start a live chat, fill out a form or call us for a free case evaluation.  

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Working In Williamsport, PA

Haven’t heard of “Billtown”? You will see soon. Billtown, otherwise known by its formal name of Williamsport is an up and coming city located in Lycoming County. Sitting in the middle of North Central Pennsylvania lays a charming town with a long past and incredibly bright future.

This area of Pennsylvania has a rich and exciting history. The roughly ten square mile piece of land where the town of Williamsport sits was originally inhabited by Iroquois Indians. The British bought this property from the Indians, and a Pilgrim colony was set up in the area around the year 1786. The small, developing settlement grew until it was named a borough in March of 1806, then finally as a city in 1866.  Lumber was a booming industry at the time, even earning Williamsport the title of, “”The Lumber Capital of the World” during the colonization of Pennsylvania.

From there the town holds many exciting stories and secrets. Harry Houdini made one of his first career appearances at The Old Fair Grounds during a traveling circus. At one point in time, Williamsport had the most millionaires per capita in the entire United States. That is why the local high school named made their school mascot the “Millionaires.” Williamsport is also the home and birthplace of the little league baseball.

What Industries Dominate the Williamsport Landscape?

Although Williamsport was a cultural and economic hub at the beginning of the towns lifespan, things seemed to decline after World War II. Political officials, local activists, and residents have recently begun making a concentrated effort to bring Williamsport back to life!

The art scene is blooming and expanding with several new movie theaters, playhouses, community theaters, ballets, and orchestras. Downtown Williamsport is exploding with shops, restaurants, and places to hang out.  All this new business is stimulating the economy, adding more jobs, and increasing tourism.

PA Workers' Compensation: Frequently Asked Questions

What workers’ compensation benefits can I expect?

Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law, a worker injured on the job is qualified for workers’ compensation benefits.

A worker may file an injury claim to receive payment for medical expenses or lost earnings. Benefits also include payment for loss of future income, permanent injury pay, retraining costs, and death benefits.

How long will it take to get my benefits?

It can take over 16 months to settle a workers’ comp case. An experienced attorney can expedite this timeline and get your benefits more quickly.

The timeline before you can claim your benefits depends on various factors. Pennsylvania has a 21-day waiting period for your employer or the insurance company to decide whether they will accept or reject your workers’ compensation claim. The insurance company then has up to 90 days to investigate claims.

It can be a long time before your case ends up in front of a judge, but we do our best to make sure all stakeholders move quickly and our clients are treated with respect.

What can a workers’ compensation attorney do for me?

A workers’ compensation attorney helps you file for your claim and protects your rights as a worker. Your attorney can help you negotiate a workers’ comp settlement, and help you determine what compensation you are entitled to.

If your workers’ comp benefits have been denied, a workers’ compensation lawyer can also review your case and appeal a denial. Think of your attorney as an advocate, someone who fights to get the best for you every step of the way.

Can I get workers’ compensation if I’m in a union?

If you are a union member, you may get workers’ compensation benefits. You may also have certain protections and advantages over non-union workers.

Injured union workers have the right to choose an experienced lawyer that can help review the union contract or collective bargaining agreement. The contract covers how you can report workplace injuries, receive medical care, and file for wage loss benefits.
How can I get workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania?
If you sustained a work-related injury, you must inform your employer and file for a workers’ comp claim within 120 days of its occurrence. You should also consult an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer for your case, especially if it is complicated.

Our lawyers at KK&O fight for the fair compensation of all Pennsylvania workers. We provide free legal advice and consultation until you get the benefits you deserve.

Who You Are:

You are dedicated and hardworking. The upswing in Williamsport’s economy is all due to people like you! The town’s family-friendly atmosphere and long rooted history mean something to you. You take pride in the fact that where you live is now listed on the list of “300 Best Places to Live In America”.

You may work for one of the area’s top three employers.

Susquehanna Health: SH is a system of hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, and practices that cares for and treats the residents of the Greater Williamsport Metropolitan Area. They are known for providing excellent services and follow their mission statement of delivering exceptional care while innovating with the most current technology and education.

The Pennsylvania State Government: Government workers mean business and do not take slack from anyone. From the Department of Motor Vehicles to local politicians, these people spend their days doing civil service for the citizens of their town.

Pennsylvania College of Technology: Penn Tech is a public college that not only produces some of the best talent; but also, employs a considerable number of talented teachers and staff.

Who We Are:

We are Pennsylvania’s only Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability law firm that has been protecting injured workers for three generations. Since 1936, we have stood by everyone who has been hurt at work in Pennsylvania to get the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.

We have thirteen locations all over Pennsylvania. This supports our promise to be able to meet anywhere in the state; meaning no worker will ever be left without proper representation.

Lucky for the residents of Williamsport, we have an office located close by for your convenience on 460 Market St.

Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo, Allentown Workers Compensation Lawyers

What We Can Do for You:

Health care workers are one of the most likely groups to be hurt on the job. Slip and falls, injuries from not using the proper equipment, and improper training often lead to dangerous situations that end in a severe injury. Nurses and doctors spend their live health others, but what happens when they get hurt?

Government workers can suffer from such a long list of injuries. This is because there are hundreds of different types of occupations that fall into that group. Police officers can get injured while perusing suspects, mail carriers can get in a car accident on their route, and the list goes on.  Government workers deserve the best support if an injury occurs.

Teachers, professors, and various other teaching aids may not think they need to worry about who they need to call after a work injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common injuries that inflicts teachers. If CTS makes work painful and impossible, it is time to consider reaching out for help.

If you or a loved one is looking for assistance regarding Workers’ Compensation or Social Security Disability, look no farther. The lawyers at Krasno, Krasno, & Onwudinjo are eager and able to help. We offer free consultations on your situation over the phone or in person. We also stand by our promise to charge no fees until you WIN. You can call us at 272-770-3684 or fill out a contact form, and someone will be in touch shortly.

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Our law offices are located all over Pennsylvania, but locally our teams are focused on their communities.

If you’re looking for a local Williamsport attorney, give us a call at 844-243-4841. You can also fill out a form or start a live chat on our site to begin your free case evaluation.

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