Free Guide: How to Protect Yourself After a Work Injury

What you should do if an injury happens
What your employer/insurer must do after you report your injury
Pitfalls to avoid throughout the work comp process
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"As a former Workers’ Compensation judge, I’ve seen countless injured workers that could have reached successful or larger settlements had they taken the right steps following their work injury.

That said, this guide will not only protect you from your employer and your employer’s insurance company – it will also maximize your chances of reaching a successful workers’ compensation settlement."

Geoff W. Dlin - Managing Partner, Workers Compensation Attorney


Here's What You'll Learn

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Before you can determine your first steps after a work-related injury, it’s first important to understand the basics about workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania.

What You Should Do If An Injury Happens

We'll give you a detailed step-by-step process to follow if you get hurt on the job.

What Your Employer/Insurer Must Do

Your employer or its workers’ compensation insurance company has to respond to your injury report within 21 days of learning of the injury.

Pitfalls to Avoid Throughout Process

There are several mistakes you can make after you are injured on the job which could cause your claim to be denied.

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