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There’s a reason KK&O is Pennsylvania’s top-rated* Workers’ Compensation law firm: we’ve been winning cases for PA’s injured for 80+ years. Our experienced team is ready to pursue maximum workers’ compensation for you at no upfront cost. 

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Client Reviews & Testimonials

Awesome Law Firm! I was represented by Jason Krasno great guy.Jason Krasno has provided legal advice and guidance during a difficult situation. I found him to be experienced, responsive, knowledgable and honest. While working with Jason, I felt as though my situation was in adept and trustworthy hands, and he did not steer me wrong.I would highly recommend Jason Krasno to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the more
dimitri tolliver
dimitri tolliver
14:52 16 Aug 19
I was hurt on the job in February 2019 and my employer discontinued my worker’s comp payments after 60 days. Without Krasno and Krasno and more specifically Geoff Dlin, I would have either been forced back to work while still injured or lost my home. Geoff’s expertise in this field both as an attorney and a retired judge allowed the issue to be resolved and settled in less than 5 months. He guided us through the process and always had my best interests at heart. He patiently answered my questions, educated me on the laws and guidelines that needed to be followed and listened to my concerns. I can’t reiterate enough that without Geoff the insurance company would have bulldozed over me and left me financially ruined. I was just a claim number to the insurance company but Geoff and team at Krasno viewed me as an actual person with a family.I can’t say enough good things about Judge Dlin and this firm and truly owe him a debt of more
Gregory Boras
Gregory Boras
22:23 10 Jul 19
The whole team at Krasno we're thorough, knowledgeable and caring. We never once felt overwhelmed and they kept us in the loop with every step of the process. Thanks Jason and Kelly H.
Sharmaine Lindsay
Sharmaine Lindsay
17:48 16 May 19
markeith cunningham
markeith cunningham
19:55 14 May 19
Great experience with this law firm! I had the pleasure of being represented by Mr. Dlin during a rather bad life experience. This time was made a lot easier for me, as he did everything in his power for the best outcome. I was met by extreme professionalism all while feeling at ease interacting with someone that was also so down to earth. Five stars to Geoff! Thank youread more
22:33 08 Apr 19
After being unsuccessful in securing Social Security benefits, I contracted K, K & O Law. My case was assigned to a talented, young attorney named Timothy Connolly, III. He and his entire team were relentless in their pursuit of justice. They were able to help me win my case. Whenever I had doubts or felt discouraged, the team, especially Tim, comforted me and guided me through the entire process. Candace and Laura were also extremely helpful and assisted me with paperwork that, at times, felt overwhelmingly daunting. After dealing with another firm and having been treated so poorly, I found it refreshing to deal with such a professional and sophisticated firm. May God bless Tim and the entire K, K & O Team, for a job well done. I have been described as abundantly verbose at times, so I shall endeavor to be concise at this time. Suffice it to say that there is only one law firm for me, K, K & O. I highly recommend their services, without reservation. THANK YOU, TIM! THANK YOU, K, K & O!read more
Mike Gonzalez
Mike Gonzalez
14:37 27 Mar 19
I have nothing to say but absolutely great things !!!! The whole staff goes above and beyond what is expected of a law firm. Excellent communication and extremely helpful staff at all times. Timothy Connolly is the absolute best and has been a humongous help during these hard times!!! He genuinely cares about the client and isnt just looking at us as dollar signs. I cannot thank you guys enough!read more
19:06 18 Mar 19
Really great person to have business with. Solves problems fast and easy and I had nothing to worry about. Jason is a professional!!! When everyone around was saying that I’m not able to get compensation, because I was getting paid by 1099, but was an employee. Jason simply proffed that I am an employee and I have the right to receive my compensation. Highly recommend!!!read more
Stan Gotra
Stan Gotra
22:47 24 Feb 19
I am very happy that I chose Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo to represent me in my workers comp case. From the beginning, Kelly Hemple was fantastic! Very professional, easy to talk to and very down to earth. Kelly was always able to answer any questions or concerns I had and resolved my case in a timely manner. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend Kelly Hemple to anyone in need of a workers comp attorney. Thank you Kelly, I am very grateful for all of your hard work!read more
Greg Zuvich
Greg Zuvich
17:02 12 Feb 19
It is rare in today's world to feel so well treated professionally and personally along with understanding and compassion. Tim Connolly certainly is a genuine and kind thoughtful person. I feel like no one else could have represented as well as Mr Connolly did. He along with Krasno Krasno Onwudinjo law office. Certainly this will be my choice for legal more
John Keich
John Keich
00:08 05 Feb 19
I’m so glad that I contacted this law firm. My attorney was very reliable and knowledgeable. During a very dark time in my life they made sure I was good and made sure I received excellent care. Thank you for more
Cheryl Carson
Cheryl Carson
21:24 28 Jan 19
I don't know where to start everything you want from a lawyer I received from Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo Very professional keeps you up to date with everything in your case cares about you and your family and won't settle for less I highly recommend thanks again to Mr Jason Krasno and the entire firmread more
Kareem Farmer
Kareem Farmer
04:04 24 Jan 19
I am 100% satisfied with my experience with Krasno & Krasno Onwudinjo law firm. Kelly Hemple was very nice and super helpful. She explained everything and made sure I understood. I highly recommend to friends and family.Juan more
Juan C. Tellado
Juan C. Tellado
22:59 11 Dec 18
I spoke with several people from the firm, but everything was coordinated by Tim Connolly. Tim was very easy to work with, and promptly returned my calls and answered all my questions. He made sure that we didn't miss any of the deadlines or documentation requirements. I would definitely recommend more
Larry A15
Larry A15
05:45 10 Dec 18
My husband had an amazing experience with this firm. The staff was helpful & friendly every step of the way. My husband was referred to Geoffrey Dlin for his workman’s comp case. Geoffrey was extremely attentive & reliable. Geoffrey fought for all my husband’s rights and made sure he received everything he deserved. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for a credible, reliable & exceptional workman’s comp law more
Jennifer Slaboda
Jennifer Slaboda
03:10 29 Nov 18
Sarah Reese was assigned to handle my workers compensation claim. She is not only a top notch lawyer but also a very kind and caring person who always took out the time to listen to me and answer any questions I may have had. I wish there were more attorneys like Sarah, for they use their law license to make this world a more just and better place for people like more
Rookie badouch
Rookie badouch
16:48 14 Nov 18

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Working In Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg, the Capital of America’s birthplace. Harrisburg is the metropolitan center for some hundreds of communities. It has the perfect mix of everything ranging from historical landmarks to big name corporations, all right around the corner from each other.

Harrisburg houses a big number of government jobs. Since it is the Capital, it only makes sense that there are so many job opportunities in different levels and types of government jobs for the residents of this great city to apply to.

The Harrisburg Regional Chamber is an active association that offers many different types of services to enhance local businesses, business growth, lobbying at all levels of government and sponsors an annual business fair that has been noted to being the reason many businesses prosper in Harrisburg.

There are 19936 total workers in the labor force that resides and works in Harrisburg. It is important to note that the term “labor force” includes employed and unemployed workers. According to DATA USA, Harrisburg’s employment rate is 4.06%, meaning that it is only growing and at a rapid speed.

Harrisburg Workers Compensation Attorney

Highlights of Harrisburg

Some of the most historical landmarks in Harrisburg range from the capitol building, the national civil war museum, to the rockville bridge ( the longest stone bridge when it was built in 1902). Theses landmarks are all a part of the history that has made Harrisburg the thriving city it is today.

Harrisburg is the home of a giant industrial area that house big corporations like Tyco Electronics, Hershey Food, IBM and Rite Aid Corp.The largest employer of Harrisburg is the State Government, giving the economy some stability in terms of the job market and is the main attraction the brings people to Pennsylvania.

Since Hershey is in such close proximity to Harrisburg, it has been one of the biggest reasons why Harrisburg is such an economically well off city. Hershey is the largest employer in the food and medical industries. It also is a main attraction for tourists, so it boosts the hospitality industry’s revenues also.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Hershey Park

Who you are

You’re a proud resident of harrisburg! You are a dedicated, driven and tough worker. People are serious in this city; a “if you want to win big, you have to play big” mentality is the type of attitude you have been conditioned to live by. However, even the biggest winners can get hurt when they least expect it. If you’re hurt on the job, you need to contact a workers compensation lawyer so you can get right back in the game to be one of harrisburg’s big winners.

Who we are

We are Harrisburg’s premier Workers’ Compensation law firm. Harrisburg plays hard, and we play even harder to protect and get the compensation workers deserve after getting injured on the job.

Our firm also specializes in the Social Security Disability (SSDI and SSI) processes. If you have a claim for either of these types of cases, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, because we know the Social Security System of Pennsylvania. With proper guidance, you can rest assured that your rights remain protected as you create a strategy to obtain and keep the benefits you deserve.

There is never a fee for advice or a consultation. Your health and safety are of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we do not charge you a fee, until we win your case. Contact us today for a consultation.

Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo, Allentown Workers Compensation Lawyers

What we will do for you:


You might be a teacher at the Milton Hershey School and suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or neck/ back injuries from repetitive actions.

You may be a nurse, surgeon, or doctor working in UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg, Hershey Medical Center, or select specialty hospital- Harrisburg. The most common injuries for health care workers include:

  • Emotional stress stemming from experiencing violence or abuse in the workplace from patients or superiors
  • Falling, slipping and tripping
  • Strains and sprains of various body parts from lifting patients and heavy equipment


You may be one of the technological geniuses at Tyco and have recently been exposed to harmful chemicals that have made you unable to work due to the dangerous side effects they had on your health.

Or you could be a worker in the Capitol building that has a high stress position, working many hours a day, dealing with giant number of difficult people, suffering from stress related issues that could ultimately cause negative repercussions like a stroke, high blood pressure, etc.

You could be one of the unlucky few who get injured at work and cannot work again for a temporary amount of time, or may never be able to work again in some cases. A case like this leaves you with partial or no source of income, leaving you no choice but to get an outside source of money to help you make ends meet.

Get the Help You Need Now

With more jobs being created and filled at a rapid pace, training and education on workplace safety may not be as sufficent as it should be. It is essential for every laborer in Harrisburg to be proactive on these matters. Getting injured at work is a serious issue that can negatively impact many factors of your life.

When you call Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo at 717-510-1392, you will be able to talk to an attorney and get your questions answered. We return all messages promptly. We want to get you answers so that you can find resolution.

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