How to manage SSI income benefits

SSI, Supplemental Security Income, can be difficult to understand and many beneficiaries may not fully comprehend how it is possible to maximize on all possible benefits. With correct management and information, it is possible for Pennsylvania residents to understand how to properly manage SSI. In fact, it is possible to increase SSI by as much as 32 percent when certain requirements are met.

One of the basic steps to maximizing Social Security is to wait until full retirement age to collect benefits. For most Americans, this is about 66 or 67 years old. Additionally, once full retirement age is met, people can apply for full benefits as well as spousal benefits. Therefore, a married couple could realistically draw full Social Security benefits as well as spousal benefits, increasing what many Pennsylvania retirees get each month.

In fact, a retiree who can afford to wait until 70 years old to retire or draw benefits can draw even more money. While not everyone can afford to this, some maintain that it may be more financially beneficial in the long-term to attempt to wait to a minimum of 66 or 67 years old. Of course, to take the fullest advantage of possible Social Security benefits, it may be best to have a full evaluation of the individual situation to determine the optimal path.

It is possible to maximize SSI if certain requirements and stipulations are met, such as waiting until full retirement age. Individuals may be able to obtain optimal benefits by proceeding with all retirement decisions after careful consideration of all available options. Navigating the complex Social Security system can be overwhelming, but with the correct information, it is possible to draw the Social Security benefits needed to provide stability throughout retirement years.

Source:, Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits, John Grobe, Feb. 4, 2014

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