Work-Related MRSA & Staph Infections

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections are frequently caused by staph bacteria found in health care settings such as hospitals and nursing homes. Health care workers may unknowingly expose themselves to an antibiotic-resistant MRSA infection on a daily basis, just while doing their jobs.

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If you or a loved one has contracted MRSA as a result of workplace exposure, workers’ compensation may provide coverage for your medical needs and lost wages. But first, you must be treated by a medical professional to determine if you were exposed to staph bacteria and contracted the infection.

What Is A MRSA Infection?

A MRSA infection is caused by exposure to staph bacteria in a health care setting. Although the older population and people with lowered immune functions are at greater risk of infection, medical professionals can also contract this sometimes fatal infection in the course of their daily work.

MRSA infections typically start out as small red skin bumps that resemble acne or insect bites. These small boils can quickly turn into deep, painful wounds that require surgical draining. While MRSA infections typically remain confined to the skin, they can penetrate the body resulting in infections of the blood, heart or lungs.

It is imperative that if you begin to experience any of these symptoms described above you seek medical attention straight away. MRSA can be a life-threatening infection, so if you come into contact with the staph bacteria while on the job, you will certainly want to file for workman’s compensation as you might be left unable to work. However, you won’t want to go up against the workers’ comp insurance company on your own, so make sure to contact an experienced work injury lawyer to help you out with your case.

Get The Benefits You Deserve

MRSA infections can be utterly devastating. Treatment costs add up quickly. Unable to work, most victims simply do not have the resources to cover their medical needs. Workers’ compensation benefits therefore provide a much-needed source of income. Contact us to arrange a free consultation with a skilled lawyer at any of our conveniently located offices. We are here to help you. You can also call us at 800-952-9640.

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