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Under Pennsylvania law, you have a legal right to receive workers’ compensation benefits when you sustain work-related injuries.

Common workplace injuries include burns, bone and muscle injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, and exposure to chemicals and pathogens. Injured workers may file a workers’ compensation claim to hold their employers responsible.

The filing and approval process can be a headache, but with the help of an experienced attorney, you can remove that red tape that separates you from your benefits.

Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo can help you get the workers’ comp benefits you deserve. We’ve won more 300,000 workers’ compensation claims across Pennsylvania. Our law firm’s practice areas specialization includes workers’ compensation claims and Social Security Disability claims.  

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Working In Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the second largest city in the state and the 26th largest in the United States! Located in Alleghany County, Pittsburgh is a lively working-class city that is home to roughly 305,704 people. In 2015, Pittsburgh was named the eleventh most livable cities in the whole world! Pittsburgh has also been named the second most livable city in the country for five consecutive years. The city is known for its leadership in innovational and sustainable energy design industries. Pittsburgh is known for not only its incredible economic history but also its beauty and livelihood.

Pittsburgh was discovered by George Washington in 1758. Since then, it has held a significant economic impact on not only the state of Pennsylvania but the whole country.

What Industries Dominate the Pittsburgh Landscape?

Known as “the Steel City,” Pittsburgh is a leader in the economic and trade world. Aside from steel, Pittsburgh is known for its manufacturing of glass, aluminum, sports, foods, electronics, and more! For over half of the 20th century, Pittsburgh was right in New York City and Chicago in the corporate world.

Pittsburgh is home to some of the country’s best universities! The city houses University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and Duquesne University.

Today tech companies such as Google, Apple, Nokia, Uber, Facebook, IBM, and Bosch are generating over $20.7 billion in payrolls every year. Pittsburgh has also served as an area for many different federal agencies such as ones that support cyber defense, robotics, software engineering, and nuclear navy.

National Bureau of Economic Research reported in 2014 that Pittsburgh second best city to live out the “American Dream.”

The largest employer in Pittsburgh is the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The Medical center holds a whopping 48,000 employees. All hospitals, outpatient clinics, and doctor’s office positions combine for 160,000 jobs. This is 10% of the employment in Pittsburgh.

Retail and Education are also both significant parts of Pittsburgh’s economic state. The city is filled with 35 shopping malls.  The University of Pittsburgh is the most major employer in the education industry with 10,700 employees.

Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation: FAQ

What benefits will I get from workers’ compensation?

The benefits you receive depend primarily on the extent of your injury. They can include wage loss benefits, permanent injury benefits, medical benefits and more.
We fight to make sure our clients get the maximum benefits possible to help them get their lives back on track. .

How long before I receive my benefits?

After filing a workers’ compensation claim, there is a 21- to 28-day waiting period for the employer or its insurance company to decide whether it will accept or deny the claim. However, workers’ compensation insurance companies may request a 90-day extension to investigate if your injury is payable or not.
A workers’ compensation case can last 16 to 18 months before a judge makes a resolution. An experienced comp lawyer can help you expedite the process when changes and delays prevent you from receiving comp benefits.

What can a workers’ compensation attorney do for me?

Even though the labor law is on your side, legal advice and representation from an experienced personal injury lawyer can significantly strengthen your workers’ compensation case. The lawyer can also file for an appeal if your claim has been denied.
At KK&O, we do not collect upfront fees until we have won your case. Our attorneys will be aggressive in pursuing medical expenses, compensation, and wage loss benefits.

Can union members collect workers’ compensation benefits?

Workers who pay union fees also have the legal right to workers’ compensation benefits. Union workers and non-union workers receive the same treatment from the workers’ compensation system.
Our lawyers will thoroughly review your union contract and help you receive benefits from the union and your employer. We can help you calculate the total value of your claim.

How do I apply for workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania?

Upon sustaining a job-related injury, you must immediately notify your employer. You should also seek medical care.
Collect all documents and receipts to support your claim’s filing, which must be done within 120 days. You must complete all required paperwork and forms before filing your claim with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. Your lawyer will walk you through the process to ensure the best outcome.

Who You Are:

We are a top rated law firm in the state of Pennsylvania. We have twelve locations all over the state, including one in Pittsburgh, PA! We specialize in fields that work around both workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability.

Who We Are:

We are a top rated law firm in the state of Pennsylvania. We have twelve locations all over the state, including one in Pittsburgh, PA! We specialize in fields that work around both workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability.

What We Can Do for You:

Workplace injuries can occur in many different ways in Pittsburgh, PA. Whether you developed carpal tunnel from an office job or hurt yourself while using a Hoyer lift in a hospital, we can help you receive the compensation and benefits that you deserve for your workplace injury.

Krasno, Krasno & Owundinjo can assist you if you are injured on the job. We can help you specifically with your Workers’ Compensation or Social Security Disability Claim. Our law office based in Pittsburgh, PA holds experienced and dedicated attorneys that are ready to help you receive the benefits that you deserve.

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Handling a workers’ compensation case by yourself can be challenging. Our Pittsburgh workers’ compensation attorneys will help streamline the process and secure the benefits you deserve.

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