How long do you have to appeal a Social Security decision?


When people suffer a disabling injury, they may need to rely on Social Security Disability benefits to meet their daily needs. These benefits may be the only source of income for many people following a serious accident. However, the Social Security Administration does not approve every application that it receives.

The SSA has a rigorous list of requirements that must be met in order for a person to qualify as disabled. Not only does the injury have to prevent the person from performing any meaningful work, it must last for a specific amount of time. Additionally, many injuries have to result in specific physical ailments for the individual.

If the SSA believes that you have not met the requirements for SSDI benefits, then it will deny your claim. In these cases, you do have the right to appeal. However, much like the application process, people must comply with specific requirements in order to appeal the decision.

According to the SSA, a person has 60 days to appeal a denial of benefits. This time starts to run when a person receives the notification that the person’s application has been denied. The SSA will presume that the 60 days will start to run five days after the SSA mails the denial letter. If the letter was received later than five days after it was sent, you must have proof of when it was received.

If people miss this deadline, they may lose their right to appeal the SSA’s decision in the case. This includes all levels of appeals. However, in some cases, it may be possible to extend a deadline for an appeal.

The SSA’s rules for appealing SSDI claims is complex, and this blog post can only provide general information on the topic. For specific legal advice, people applying for SSDI benefits or appealing a decision should contact an attorney.

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