Workers’ Compensation Checks: Payment Schedule & What to Expect

Insurance companies are supposed to pay your workers’ compensation check at the same frequency you get your normal wages. If you are paid weekly, you should get your workers’ compensation check every week. The same goes for claimants on a bi-weekly pay schedule.

Some insurers have started offering direct deposit, though this option is still not a legal requirement for compensation payments.


Why is my workers’ comp check late?

Late payments are common, even if payments are supposed to be made in a timely manner.

In Pennsylvania specifically, the law requires the payment of wage-loss benefits within a specified time-frame.

If you are working and receiving partial workers’ compensation checks, you should always keep the pay stubs from your time of injury job and any other jobs you are working. The insurance company will delay making partial payments until they have the wage information, so it is always helpful if you keep your pay stubs regardless of their method of delivery.

Where can I find late or missing workers’ compensation checks?

If insurance carriers are dragging their feet, the first thing we recommend would be to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer. There are provisions in most states that allow them to take action regarding late payments on workers’ compensation checks.

Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo specializes in workers’ compensation law and can help you with any issue that arises as you’re trying to secure your payments. If you want to get in touch, start a live chat on our site to get the ball rolling.

If an insurance company is late on a payment, for example, your workers’ comp attorney can file a penalty petition, which is something that will help to get the workers’ compensation insurance companies to move faster.

How much will my workers’ compensation check be?

In terms of how much you will make from workers’ compensation, it depends on your earnings and your state’s laws.

In Pennsylvania, the workers’ compensation law states that you are entitled to 66 2/3% of your paycheck, which in layman’s terms means that you get two-thirds of your normal gross wage (the wage you make before state and federal taxes are taken out of your paycheck). Though this is not always the case depending on how much you make, it can determine which tier you fall into.

All of the following numbers are updated as of 2021 according to Pennsylvania law for average weekly wages.

Tier One: The 66 2/3% applies to this tier. So if you make over $847.51 in pre-tax weekly income, all the way up to $1695.00 you would be entitled to two-thirds of your weekly pre-tax paycheck. However, this is where the maximum benefits that you may receive cap out at $1081.00 in pre-tax weekly income.

Tier Two: If you were to earn $627.78 to $847.50 per week in pre-tax income, your workers’ compensation check would amount to $565.50 regardless of your place within the range.

Tier Three: If you earn less than $627.77 per week, then your compensation rate would be 90 percent of your weekly pre-tax income.

All of this data is sourced from Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor Worker’s Compensation page  Check out the page for yourself to make sure the information is still accurate. However, while the numbers of the specific tiers may move, you will still fall into one of the three tiers, the highest being the 66 2/3%, the second being the flat rate, and the last being the 90%.

Our lawyers can answer your workers’ compensation check questions

If you need additional information that this page did not cover, please read our PA workers’ compensation attorney page. There we cover a multitude of topics including workers’ comp claims, workers’ comp benefits, what to do if you’ve been hurt at work, and hopefully answer any remaining questions you may have.

If a work injury has left you unable to earn a living, you may have grounds to file a workers’ compensation claim. Being an injured worker shouldn’t leave you without options. If you’re looking for legal advice, contact a worker’s compensation attorney at Krasno, Krasno, and Owundinjo for a free consultation. With 12 law offices throughout Pennsylvania, we are a law firm that features legal experts who are ready to win your workers’ compensation benefits.

For any questions regarding your workers comp payments, Social Security Disability or related legal issues, contact us online, start an online chat or call (844) 243-4846 today.


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