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Statutory Employers Liable for Workers’ Compensation

People who are hired by one company to perform specific duties for a second company may wonder which business will […]

Dave Magaldi

How You Can Receive Workers’ Compensation for Your Amputation Injury

OSHA recently made changes to its amputation program in an effort to increase workplace safety entirely. Workers’ compensation benefits are […]

Geoffrey Dlin

What is Workers’ Compensation?

You’ve been hurt on the job. You’re stressed. You’re panicked. You don’t know what to do. A friend suggests you […]

Geoffrey Dlin

Is Degenerative Disc Disease Work Related?

You’ve been having chronic pain for ages. It hits you hardest when you’re on the job. You’re starting to panic […]

Sarah Reese

How Much Will My Workers’ Comp Settlement Be?

You got hurt at work. You had to file a workers’ compensation claim to receive your benefits. You ended up […]

Geoffrey Dlin

Truck Driver Back Pain, Knee Pain & Other Common Work Injury Risks

Truck driving is one of the most dangerous occupations in the US, and that danger is not limited to traffic […]

Eileen Pomento

When Does Workers’ Compensation Start Paying?

You are supposed to receive your first Workers’ Compensation check within 21 days of telling your employer about your work-related […]

Jason Krasno

Workers’ Compensation Settlements For Arthritis and Degenerative Disc Disease

When a work-related injury aggravates or accelerates your arthritis or degenerative disc disease, you have the right to file for […]

Geoffrey Dlin

Should I Get A Lawyer For Workers’ Compensation?

If you’ve been hurt at work and are wondering whether you should hire a workers’ compensation, you are not alone. Many […]

Kelly Hemple

Is A Workers’ Compensation Settlement Taxable?

No, workers’ compensation benefits are not taxable. In fact, workers compensation settlements and payments are tax-exempt under the the Workers’ […]

Saad Aslam

Repetitive Motion and Stress Injuries & Workers’ Compensation Settlement Benefits

People don’t often think of repetitive stress injuries or repetitive motion injuries when they think about workers’ compensation claims. Usually […]

Andrew Onwudinjo

Work Injury That Worsens Over Time May Still Be Compensable Years Later

Janice Weber-Brown, a Pennsylvania nurse, was exposed to a virus while on duty at Lancaster General Hospital almost 30 years […]

Geoffrey Dlin

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5 Steps To Take After Getting Injured In The Workplace In PA

Getting injured while on the job can turn your life upside down. First of all, dealing with the pain is […]

Jason Krasno

Workers’ compensation might cover staph infection injuries

Who is at risk for contracting MRSA on the job? While it could potentially be a risk for a variety […]

Jason Krasno

Can I Get Lump Sum Settlement In A PA Workers’ Comp Case?

When you are injured in the workplace, the natural tendency is to experience stress and anxiety about your financial future.  […]

Jason Krasno

Who Pays Medical if Third Party Settlement in Workers’ Comp

If I Have a Third Party Settlement in My Workers’ Compensation Case, Who Pays My Medical Bills? Many injured workers […]

Jason Krasno

Types Of Workers’ Compensation Payments In Pennsylvania

When you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, they are paid on a weekly basis. For some people, however, weekly […]

Jason Krasno

Workers’ Compensation: Can I Choose My Physician?

When one is injured on the job, neither the employer nor the employer’s insurance carrier can specify a doctor to […]

Jason Krasno

Is Workers Compensation for Independent Contractors Available?

With a new outlook for 2017’s economy and a landscape about to change, business owners are anticipating some major changes, […]

Jason Krasno

Hepatitis A and the risk of infection to food industry employees

If you work in the food service industry, you may think that your biggest risk of injury comes from a […]

Jason Krasno

Hurt At Work: Workers’ Compensation And Tendonitis Of Wrist

Getting hurt at work is undoubtedly debilitating and stressful, this is even truer when the employer and insurance carrier drag […]

Jason Krasno

What You Need to Know About Workers’ Comp Drug Testing

The Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act guarantees compensation for medical treatment and lost wages associated with work-related injuries and disease. However, […]

Jason Krasno

Workers’ Compensation: Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Rates

Pennsylvania workers who are injured on the job are eligible to receive benefits to cover medical expenses and lost wages. […]

Jason Krasno

Understanding The Delay Tactics In Workers’ Compensation Health Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Health Insurance Delay Tactics In Pennsylvania, employers with one or more employees are required to purchase workers’ compensation […]

Jason Krasno

Disability benefits could assist Parkinson’s disease patients

Parkinson’s disease is a nervous system and brain disorder that leads to tremors, in addition to problems with walking, movement […]

Jason Krasno

Social security disability and breast cancer

Most Pennsylvania residents likely know at least one woman who has developed breast cancer. In fact, according to, one […]

Jason Krasno

How to manage SSI income benefits

SSI, Supplemental Security Income, can be difficult to understand and many beneficiaries may not fully comprehend how it is possible […]

Jason Krasno

Social Security Disability Can Affect Retirement Benefits

Social Security is designed to aid those who are unable to earn enough income to live due to certain circumstances. […]

Jason Krasno

Documents necessary for SSI applications

  Supplement Security Income is an important program in the United States. It helps disabled adults, disabled children and certain […]

Jason Krasno

Veterans, PTSD and Social Security disability benefits

  The men and women that serve in the United States military often have very difficult jobs. Not only are […]

Jason Krasno

Social Security disability benefits and incarceration

  No one is perfect. People make mistakes and those mistakes can affect the course of their future. When people […]

Jason Krasno

What Type of Disabilities Qualify for SSDI?

What Type of Disabilities Qualify for SSDI? When evaluating whether a medical condition qualifies for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) […]

Jason Krasno

Social Security disability benefits for those with asthma

  Many Pennsylvania residents live with debilitating illnesses. In some cases, these illnesses can be managed and individuals can live […]

Jason Krasno

How do living arrangement affect SSI benefits?

  When disabled individuals are unable to meet their financial needs, they can qualify for a variety of social programs. […]

Jason Krasno

Applying For Social Security Disability If You Have Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you understandably might be overwhelmed with anxiety and fear about the future. The […]

Jason Krasno

How long does it take before disability benefits are approved?

  When Philadelphia residents are facing difficult circumstances, it is vital that they receive the assistance they need as soon […]

Jason Krasno

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