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Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo has more than 80 years of experience in helping injured workers in Pennsylvania. Our team includes PA workers’ compensation lawyers in Allentown who are ready to support you in pursuing the compensation you deserve.

At KK&O, we offer free consultation and legal advice to help you secure maximum compensation. Our attorneys are experts in their fields and are selected to the Super Lawyers or Rising Stars lists. 

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Working In Allentown, PA

The workers in this area are a diverse group.

The largest group weighs in at approximately 66,700 people employees in the “Trade, Transportation and Utilities” category. This may mean you work at places like The Amazon Fulfillment Center managed by ISS Allentown on Tilghman Street, or the various trucking and transportation companies along Route 78.

The second largest piece of the workforce pie is manufacturing; at around 45,300 people currently working in the industry. Allentown has some huge names that have favorites located in its zip code including Coca cola and Nestlé’s Dog Food manufacturing plant.

Another impressive part of Allentown’s diverse workplace is some people in the Health Services. Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists- the list goes on and on! This makes the area one of the most educated as well! The two largest employers in health services are St. Luke’s Hospital and The Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Allentown, Pennsylvania is an economic hub that is constantly growing. Located in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, Allentown may get over looked compared to Pennsylvania’s other large cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. However, it actually boosts the third largest population in the state. Google notes the population as being 120,443 in 2016.

Interestingly enough, those numbers also rank Allentown as the 224th most populous city in the United States!

Other than its impressive size, it boasts a pretty hefty pop culture reference to gain even more fame. Billy Joel, the famous singer, and songwriter has a song, “Allentown”! Wrote in 1982, the ballad puts the town’s blue-collar vibe to the music. Joel uses the town as an example of how resilient and strong the working class is. An antidote that holds just as true today as in 1982. The city has gone through quite a few periods of transformation depending on the economic climate. Allentown is a prime example of a resilient, reliable workforce.

A true testament to how talented the workers of Allentown are is the numbers. Their unemployment numbers are low at only 4.4%. Making their workforce of 329,100 people one of the strongest in the country.

Allentown Workers: Get Help With Your PA Work Comp Claim

Nurses, and other healthcare workers are often underrepresented when it comes to the world of workers’ compensation. You work hard, and you deserve the best defense if you get hurt on the job! Slip, and falls are common in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Injuries from carrying and transportation patients using Hoyer Lifts.

Manufacturing jobs are usually located in factories and warehouses. Here there are risks for injuring yourself on machines like forklifts and Robotic heavy machinery. These risks can be life threatening if proper safety precautions are not used. If you are hurt on the job while using one of these machines, you deserve a highly trained defense attorney to help you.

Jobs that involve a deal of trade and transportation can also have serious safety hazards. Truck Drivers, for example, are constantly in the direct route of danger. Truck Drivers will often drive long distances and unload heavy boxes all while being sleep deprived. Don’t settle for wrongful blame.

Krasno Krasno & Owundinjo can help you with your workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability Claim. Our law office based in Allentown, PA holds experienced attorneys that are ready to help you receive the benefits that you deserve.

Allentown Workers' Compensation: Frequently Asked Questions

What workers’ compensation benefits can I expect?

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides workers’ compensation benefits to employees with a work injury.

Under the workers’ compensation law, you can receive wage loss compensation, retraining costs, permanent injury pay, and death benefits. The law also covers medical benefits, including medical treatment.

The insurance company usually covers the costs of the compensation for your workplace injury.

How long will it take for me to get my benefits?

It can take approximately 16 months to settle a workers’ compensation case. Over half of the cases can take between 13 to 24 months to finish.

Only less than 20% of workers’ comp cases are settled within 6 months. The waiting period can also take longer if your insurance company is slow to review your case.

Hiring an attorney is the best way to speed the pace of your case. Our attorneys will be with you every step of the process.

What can a workers’ compensation attorney do for me?

A workers’ compensation attorney reviews work-related injury cases. The attorney can help protect your rights, maximize the compensation you can receive. Our firm can also help secure your Social Security Disability benefits.

A workers’ compensation lawyer can also negotiate with insurers and convince them to approve your claim. With KK&O, you get a free case review to help you decide the best course of action.

Our lawyers specialize in two practice areas: Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation and the United States Social Security Disability.

Can I get workers’ compensation if I’m in a union?

A union member may file a workers’ compensation claim. However, the process is slightly different from that of non-union employees.

A work injury lawyer will have to review your union contract first to know how you report personal injuries, file for wage loss benefits, and pay your medical bills. You may hire a union lawyer, or a private lawyer, to help you with the process.

KK&O Allentown workers’ compensation attorneys collaborate with the union and union employees to help you secure the maximum amount of compensation.

How can I get workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act allows employees to file for compensation if a workplace accident resulted in injury.

If your claim is denied, you may appeal the decision to a workers’ compensation judge.
Note that in Pennsylvania, the compensation law does not cover some contractual workers and volunteers.

Get Your Free Consultation With an Allentown Workers' Comp Attorney

At KK&O, we offer free case evaluation and consultation to help you understand the workers’ compensation law and how the law can benefit you.

Visit our law offices to receive free consultation and legal advice. Our law firm has offices all over Pennsylvania, including Allentown, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pottsville, and Lancaster.

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