Social Security disability benefits for those with asthma


Many Pennsylvania residents live with debilitating illnesses. In some cases, these illnesses can be managed and individuals can live a relatively normal life. However, some individuals have such a severe illness that it becomes impossible for the person to participate in many aspects of daily living. For many individuals, this includes work.

In these cases, the Social Security Administration may approve the individuals for Social Security disability benefits. Before individuals can be approved for Social Security disability benefits, they must meet the requirements necessary for a specific illness.

Asthma is one of many different types of illnesses that Pennsylvania residents may suffer from. According to the SSA, it is possible for individuals to qualify for SSD benefits when they suffer from asthma.

In order to qualify for benefits as a result of asthma, specific medical guidelines must be met. For an individual suffering from chronic asthmatic bronchitis, the person must have insufficient oxygen levels present in the person’s system. These levels change depending on how tall a person is.

Additionally, people with asthma can also qualify for benefits if they are only having asthma attacks. In order to qualify with attacks, individuals must be having attacks that require physician intervention at least once every two months or six times a year. These attacks must be happening despite prescription treatments.

If a person is hospitalized for an asthma attack, the individual can earn more days towards the attacks. Under SSA guidelines, every inpatient hospitalization that lasts for 24 or more hours, counts as two asthma attacks. In order to evaluate how many asthma attacks an individual has, 12 consecutive months must be evaluated.

It is often difficult to determine if people qualify for SSD benefits. an attorney can help individuals determine their eligibility and gather the evidence needed to prove it to the SSA.

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