Help for Construction Workers Injured On A Hazardous Worksite

Heavy equipment, falling objects and faulty scaffolding all serve to create a hazardous work environment for construction workers. Yet, despite these inherent dangers, construction workers risk their lives every day in order to earn a living.

When a construction accident resulting in serious injury occurs, it can be utterly devastating to the injured worker and his or her family. In these difficult times, turning to an experienced construction accident lawyer may be your best option for enforcing your rights under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act.

At Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo, our Pennsylvania workers' compensation attorneys provide dedicated representation to individuals who have been seriously injured in construction accidents and the families of fatal construction accident victims. Since 1936, we have devoted our time, resources and legal talents into preparing strong cases designed to secure results. At our firm, protecting your rights is always our top priority.

Handling Acute And Repetitive Trauma Construction Accident Injuries

Our Pennsylvania law firm works with clients who have suffered serious injuries in an isolated construction accident, as well as those who have suffered injuries from the repetitive use of equipment. We are prepared to take action in cases involving:

  • Construction tools. We handle construction accident cases involving the repetitive stress involved in using certain tools as well as cases involving defective or dangerous tools, including injuries caused by air hammers, air saws, air chisels, screwdrivers, mechanical saws, jigsaws, drills, jackhammers and other on-the-job tools.
  • Heavy machinery. Our firm has the experience and resources to fully investigate accidents involving heavy machinery or construction equipment, including construction worker injury claims involving forklift accidents, pay loader accidents, bulldozer accidents, cherry picker accidents and other heavy equipment accidents.
  • Faulty equipment. Our Philadelphia faulty scaffolding lawyers handle personal injury and workers' compensation cases involving falls from ladders, scaffolding collapses, defective heavy equipment accidents and other accidents involving faulty equipment.
  • OSHA violations. When proper safety equipment is not utilized, poor safety procedures are followed or other OSHA regulations are not followed on a construction site, the result can be catastrophic. We aggressively represent the rights of injured workers and their families in these situations.

We go to great lengths to educate our clients about the workers' compensation system. In Pennsylvania, the law is on your side. It allows for both lost wages and medical benefits for those suffering from a work-related injury.

Take Action To Get The Benefits You Deserve

If your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier is being uncooperative with medical bills and lost wages, it may be time to consider legal action. For a free case evaluation with an experienced Philadelphia construction accidents lawyer, contact Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo. We are available to meet with you at any of our 11 convenient office locations throughout Pennsylvania.

With offices in Pottsville, Allentown, Reading, Harrisburg, Bloomsburg, Lancaster and Philadelphia, our construction accident lawyers are equipped to handle construction accident cases for clients throughout Pennsylvania. Email us or call 215-352-3132 or toll-free at 877-794-2396 to speak with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer. We are ready to listen to your story and help you reach your goals.

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