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There’s a reason KK&O is Pennsylvania’s top-rated* Workers’ Compensation law firm: we’ve been winning cases for PA’s injured for 80+ years. Our experienced team is ready to pursue maximum workers’ compensation for you at no upfront cost. 

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Working In Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia’s major industries have been going through a transition since the powerhouse of manufacturing started its steady decline after World War II. Recently, the driver of the economy has shifted to a focus on education and health services.  Together, those two industries hold about 30% of Philadelphia’s total jobs. Philadelphia has one of the most educated populations. Within the city limits, there are some of the top research universities, which come with many research hospitals as well.

Other than education and health, many other industries are currently flourishing!

Trade and transportation are booming. This fact is not a surprise to anyone because Philly is located on two rivers, and has one of the largest seaports that billions of dollars of merchandise are received and shipped each year.

Philadelphia also houses a huge group of government jobs. Since the United States’ government was dreamt up and developed here, it only makes sense that it still has its fair share of Government Agencies. This group is diverse and contains everything from The Philadelphia Police Department, government representatives, Department of Motor Vehicle, and thousands of other categories that span across every type of job you can think of.

There are 655,800 total workers in the labor force that resides and works in Philadelphia County. It is important to note that the term “labor force” includes employed and unemployed workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the current unemployment rate is at its lowest in over ten years at 5.9%! Although that is a bit higher than the nation’s percentage of unemployed workers, it is a true testament of how rapidly the Philadelphia economy is growing.

With more jobs being created and filled at a rapid pace, training and education on work place safety may not be sufficient. It is essential for every laborer in Philadelphia to be proactive on these matters. Getting injured at work is a serious issue that can negatively impact many factors of your life.

Anyone Can Be Affected By A Workplace Injury

You’re from Philly! You are tough, hardworking and independent. People don’t mess around over here; a works hard, plays hard mentality is part of your DNA. Even the hardest, most diligent of workers can get hurt at work. If that happens, you need to reach out and talk about your options in possibly receiving workers’ compensation.

Philadelphia Workers' Compensation: Frequently Asked Questions

What workers’ compensation benefits can I expect?

Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, workers’ compensation benefits include medical bills and income replacement.

Aside from medical expenses and wage loss compensation, benefits may also include retraining costs, permanent injury pay, and death benefits to the loved ones of workers who died on the job.

At KK&O, we can provide PA workers with the legal services that they need to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

How long will it take to get my benefits?

The average workers’ compensation case takes approximately 16 months to close. However, if your insurance company is slow to review your case, your wait for your benefits can take longer.

More than half of workers’ compensation cases are resolved between 13 to 24 months. Fewer than 20% of cases are completed within 6 months.

We will do everything we can to expedite your compensation – having a talented attorney in your corner can help quicken the pace of your case immensely.

What can a workers’ compensation attorney do for me?

Although you don’t need a lawyer to secure workers’ comp benefits, having an experienced attorney review your case is extremely beneficial.

You need a workers’ compensation lawyer if your employer isn’t cooperating with your case, if you suffered a major injury at work,or if you have a pre-existing condition. You can always fire your attorney if you are unhappy with the way your case is being handled.

In Philadelphia, Attorneys Sarah Reese, Kelly Hemple, and Jennifer Kaufman are part of the team that handles workers’ compensation claims. Each has a sterling reputation and grateful clients that can attest to the quality of their work.

Can I get workers’ compensation if I’m in a union?

If you are a union employee, our lawyers will review your union contract to know how you report personal injuries, pay your medical bills, and file for wage loss benefits.

You will be allowed to choose your lawyer to handle your legal issues. Your lawyer can be a union lawyer or private attorney.

How can I get workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act covers almost all employees in the state. Under the workers’ compensation law, you can demand compensation if your injury occurred while you were at work.

You also have the legal right to file for a workers’ compensation claim if you suffer from severe emotional stress or anxiety caused by your work. However, the process for filing a claim like this is more complicated compared to claiming compensation for a physical work-related injury.

Philadelphia: Let Us Help With Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

You may be a teacher, working at The Philadelphia School District and suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or neck/back injuries from repetitive actions.

You could be a part of the Philadelphia Police Department devoting your life to protecting the citizens of the city. But who protects the police when they are injured? Under certain circumstances the “benefits” promised to police and correctional officers may get denied or not properly cover damages. This is where legal professionals who are trained in Worker’s Compensation Law should step in.

You may be a nurse or doctor working at one of Philadelphia’s world-renowned hospitals such as Temple University Hospital, The Thomas Jefferson Health System, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, or Hahnemann University Hospital. The list goes on and on, and injuries can happen anywhere.

Get Your Free Consultation With a Philadelphia Workers' Comp Attorney

KK&O’s Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorneys can help you receive maximum compensation benefits. We can also help you secure your Social Security Disability benefits, or appeal a denied claim.

Our lawyers are ready to support you in pursuing the maximum workers’ compensation. Call or live chat with our law office for a free case review.

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