Workers’ Comp For Injuries Caused By Defective Equipment

We assume that the equipment needed to perform our jobs is safe. In fact, we probably never give a second thought to the dangers posed by defective products. Unfortunately, faulty equipment often causes serious on-the-job injuries, particularly for those using heavy machinery. Sometimes, work tools and products have hidden defects that aren’t discovered until it’s too late. So, what exactly happens when a defective product is the cause of your workplace injury?

At Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo, our workers’ compensation attorneys have been protecting the rights of injured workers since 1936. Whether your injury was caused by a defective product or another type of workplace accident, you can rely on our experience and commitment to providing quality legal representation.

When Equipment Fails, Tragedy May Ensue

As you can probably imagine, some industries are more prone to defective products than others. Injuries caused by defective products are most prevalent in the construction and manufacturing industries. Faulty products, such as heavy equipment or assembly line machinery, can fail to work properly resulting in serious and even permanently disabling injuries, including:

There is no reason that anyone should have to endure the financial burden or emotional distress caused by a defective product injury that occurred while on the job. It is imperative to notify your employer and seek medical attention as soon as the incident takes place, as fighting these workman’s comp cases can already be difficult to pursue as is. And, of course, you don’t want to go up against this struggle on your own – you need an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in your corner.

Who Is Liable For Your Injury?

If you have been injured by a defective product in the workplace, you may be entitled to both medical benefits and lost wages under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. Some employers or their insurance companies may attempt to shift liability to the manufacturer of the defective product. But, don’t allow them to mislead or discourage you – the simple fact of the matter is that the injury occurred at work. Workers’ compensation will most likely play a role regardless of your employer’s assertions regarding liability.

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