Truck Drivers Injured On The Job

Truckers are exposed to a myriad of dangerous conditions on the job. The pressures to get their job done quickly can cause them to push themselves past their own limits — whether on the highway, or performing heavy lifting in the loading or unloading of a truck and when making deliveries. Physical injuries can result from accidents on the job as well as from repetitive trauma induced by the demands of the job. Truckers who are injured on the job have a right to pursue workers' compensation benefits.

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Accidents On The Road And Off

Our Philadelphia truck driver injury attorneys help injured truckers and their families in workers' compensation, Social Security Disability and third-party claims that may arise out of a serious trucker work accident such as:

  • Highway truck accidents: Blame for trucking accidents is frequently shifted to the trucker. However, there are many instances when the trucker is not responsible for the accident. We assist Pennsylvania and out-of-state truckers who have been injured in accidents while traveling along Pennsylvania interstates and highways such as I-80, I-81, I-76, I-78, I-476, Route 22, Route 422, Route 30 or any other roadway in Pennsylvania.
  • Trucker slip-and-falls: We represent truckers who have suffered a back injury or other serious work injury in a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident while working such as tripping over obstacles when loading or unloading truck beds, slipping and falling on ice or other property-related accident.
  • Loading and unloading accidents: Our firm has experience representing truckers who are injured while performing heavy lifting during the loading and unloading of 18-wheeler trucks, delivery trucks and other commercial trucks. These truck driver injuries frequently involve a back injury, shoulder/rotator cuff injury or neck injury.
  • Trucker injuries involving defective products: Our attorneys understand that trucker work accidents often involve complex issues such as defective or dangerous parts or products. Whether an accident involved defective tires, poor truck maintenance or other defect issues, we have the experience and resources to find answers and pursue the benefits and compensation the trucker deserves.

Securing Compensation For A Range Of Injuries

Our Pennsylvania workers' compensation lawyers represent injured truckers who have suffered all types of injuries in a work accident such as a back injury, neck injury, shoulder injury, head injury, burns, loss of limb, spinal cord injury or other catastrophic injury. We understand that a serious injury can mean time away from work or can even mean the end of your career. Our truck driver injury attorneys offer dedicated representation to help you through the legal and financial challenges associated with your work injury.

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