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PA Workers’ Compensation For Professional Athletes

Professional athletes are very respected, well known, but worked to the bone. Getting paid based on how hard and well they can perform puts major pressure on the mental state of these athletes. Such pressure can push them to the edge, resulting in injuries for many different reasons, whether it is from their own doing or the doing of the other high performing, championship driven athletes.

Professional athletes must perform at a very high level of physical capacity on a near-daily basis. Injury can plague professional athletes, costing them a salary and even their careers on top of medical costs, therapy and potential long-term care for debilitating conditions.

At Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo, our attorneys have been helping people throughout Pennsylvania obtain the workers’ compensation they deserve since 1936. Professional athletes deserve compensation for sports injuries, too.

Help For Those Without A Collective Bargaining Agreement

We can pursue workers’ compensation benefits for professional athletes as long as they are not bound by a collective bargaining agreement. In short, a bargaining agreement is a contract that has some hold over the amount of income professional athletes can obtain. This may become an issue because the cost of living and the cost of recovery may exceed the amount you have agreed to be able to get.

Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of workers. Our Philadelphia-based law firm has represented tens of thousands of people and won tens of millions of dollars in awards for clients in a wide variety of industries, including professional sports.

For Professional Athletes, Injury Can End A Career

We fight for the rights of professional athletes injured in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, AHL, AFL, MLS, MLL, NLL, minor leagues and several other sports. Whether you were injured during a game, practice or a workout, we can help you. As an athlete, your office is not just one physical location. If your injury is work-related, we can fight for the recovery you deserve, whether temporary or long term.

Some Injuries Don’t Appear Until Years Down The Road

Employees in many occupations, including professional athletes, might not experience noticeable symptoms of an injury or condition until it is aggravated away from the “office.” Severely debilitating injuries and those that impact the quality of life might not begin to affect you until many years later. Multiple concussions, knee surgeries, shoulder surgeries, back conditions, arthritis, repetitive stress, muscle strains, emotional stress and other traumatic or overuse injuries can cause pain and suffering years after your career has ended, but the effects could still be a direct result of your days as a professional. We can fully evaluate your case and your medical history, and we can help you file a valid claim for compensation.

Seek Compensation For A Sports Injury

Being an injured professional athlete can be a very intense time for those who have to experience the pain of it, but want to continue doing what they love, even if it means hurting themselves worse. Loss of wages is another issue injured athletes face because they can no longer perform the way that used to, if they can even perform at all.

If you are a professional athlete and have recently been injured on the job, leaving you unable to perform the way you once did, the attorneys at Krasno, Krasno & Onwundinjo are here to help. To schedule a free initial consultation, call us at 800-952-9640. Based in Philadelphia, but we have many other offices strategically positioned all over Pennsylvania to help anyone in any part of the state.

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