How To Win A Fibromyalgia Disability Case

In order to win a fibromyalgia Social Security disability case, you will have to demonstrate that you are unable to work. In the end, your capacity to work is the hinge point of a win or a loss. Unfortunately, more and more judges are raising serious questions about cases involving a fibromyalgia diagnosis.

The increased scrutiny judges give to fibromyalgia cases may stem from the belief that the condition is simply a “wastebasket diagnosis.” Judges find it easier to award benefits to those with disabilities that are more easily traceable in physical tests or scans.

The solution to this scrutiny is working to make your fibromyalgia case as strong as possible. Below are a few tips that may help support your case in the eyes of the courts.

Tips To Win Your Fibromyalgia Disability Case

1. Help your Social Security disability lawyer gather the right evidence.

You need to put forth effort in order to help your attorney, and the most productive way to do this is to gather evidence to support your claim. Examples include long-term treatment notes from medical care providers, medical records and expert testimony showing that you have complied with treatment recommendations.

2. Provide evidence detailing your work to acquire the right diagnosis and treatment.

Classic fibromyalgia patients have usually put a lot of effort into getting relief for their condition. It is a difficult condition to diagnose and treat. Proof of your search for help and your history of medical apkticket care can strengthen your case. If you’re thinking about filing for long or short-term disability, you will need to have as much evidence of your effort as possible.

3. Be well-prepared for your court hearings.

Being prepared for your fibromyalgia disability hearing means becoming familiar with the kind of questions you will be asked and having a ready response. If you work with a Social Security disability lawyer, he or she can help you get prepared.

4. Get a lawyer for your appeal.

Since getting disability for fibromyalgia is difficult, many wind up having their original claims denied. Make sure that you hire a competent attorney to help you and continue to document evidence as you’re getting ready for an appeal.

These are just a few tips to help you get started. Avoid the urge to give up and accept your fate. Instead, understand that you deserve to receive the Social Security disability that you so desperately need.

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