Things Workers’ Comp Lawyers Won’t Tell You (But We Will)

Unfortunately, there are many crooked, dishonest, or plainly bad workers’ compensation attorneys out there. Some may be too inexperienced to admit it, and others may not be working for the right reasons. A good workers’ compensation attorney will always have the needs of their client at the forefront of their mind, and will have an honest, open dialogue with each client. 

Realizing you have inadequate counsel may not always be easy, but if you ever feel underrepresented or have a gut feeling something is not right, go with that feeling. At any point in a claim process, you have the right to adequate legal counsel and can hire a new attorney. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Krasno, Krasno, & Onwudinjo are here to tell you what others may not. 

Why Do You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney? 

Many employees do not realize their rights or fully know what they are entitled to after a work injury. Employers are required to disclosure information about workers’ compensation claims and make sure they have access to all necessary forms. Sometimes, this is not the case. 

When dealing with a work injury, handling employers and the claim process may be overwhelming. A workers’ comp attorney can help from day one. An experienced attorney can help give notice to your employer and ensure your employer files the necessary report on time to avoid a lapsed or barred claim. 

Moreover, if a claim has been previously denied, an workers’ compensation lawyer can help with the hearing and appeal process. Many may not realize they have three years from a denied claim to reopen the case. 

Signs Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney is Incompetent

The first sign of incompetent counsel is inactive counsel. If you are not hearing from your attorney or all messages are being relayed through a secretary or paralegal, then this could be a sign of a crooked workers’ compensation attorney. Some attorneys flow work through their paralegals but still bill at the attorney rate, even when they are not actively working your case. 

Another sign of an incompetent attorney is lack of guidance. It is an attorney’s responsibility to guide their clients through the entire process and explain each step of the way. This ensures open communication and that clients know the status of their case at any given time. 

If your benefits suddenly stop and/or your attorney refuses to follow up with another claim or appeal, this is a good sign your workers’ compensation attorney is incompetent. When you have an attorney, your benefits should never lapse without you expecting it. A good attorney will stay on top of your case from start to finish. The end of a workers’ compensation claim is after all promised benefits have been paid.

Hiring a Competent Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When looking for an attorney to handle your workers’ compensation claim, you should always do a little research before hiring just any workers’ comp lawyer. All lawyers are not the same. 

First, review their experience. A good workers’ compensation lawyer will have a listing of claims they have handled or can provide you with past experience and relevant years worked. If you are hiring an attorney for a workers’ compensation claim, make sure that attorney focuses their practice in that area. 

Don’t hire a DUI criminal defense attorney if you want competent representation for a workers’ compensation claim. 

Look at reviews. If the attorney has a history of good outcomes and satisfied clients, that’s generally a sign of a good attorney. Along with client satisfaction, it is also important that they have an upstanding professional reputation and have not been sanctioned or their license revoked or suspended. 

Advice Other Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Won’t Tell You

Read any settlement claim before signing it, even if your attorney states that it is fine to sign. If you notice anything in the agreement that you do not recognize, don’t be afraid to ask your attorney for a clarification. 

The agreement should always be for the amount you settled on and if it is for anything different than this amount, raise a question about it. Insurance companies may tell you it’s best to sign it quickly to get benefits, but insurance companies are rarely on your side. 

Workers’ compensation attorneys handle a high volume of workers’ compensation claims each month, and these claims move at a fast pace. Attorneys try to keep the fast pace going to keep the cases rolling. However, higher claims may slow down the process. If you know your claim is going to be worth more money than the average, do not let your attorney rush it through the process. 

Fast action does not always mean adequate action. 

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