How to prepare for a Social Security Disability hearing

Filing for Social Security Disability can be daunting, but if prepared, you will be able to handle the questions posed at the hearing. The hearing will come in front of an Administrative Law judge and can be lengthy. Preparation is key to succeeding at these hearings, so be sure to follow the tips provided in this post.

Here’s How To Prepare For Your Disability Hearing

The first rule of thumb to follow is to never exaggerate, even if you are talking about a truthful matter. There will be plenty of evidence to either support or deny your claim, so avoid exaggeration as much as possible. You also need to tell the truth during these hearings or else risk having your claim tossed.

The judge presiding over your case will ask you questions about your medical condition, your symptoms, your medical history, your physical and mental abilities, your education, your employment history and your daily activities. All of the information you provide to the judge will be used in determining how your claim will be handled.

One of the most important things you need to prepare for when it comes to the hearing is understanding the main issue in your case. You will also need to be able to describe it clearly to all those who ask about it. Never use vague language. In fact, describe it like the person you are talking with does not know about it.

If you are dealing with chronic pain in this claim, be sure to provide a pain scale during the hearing. Tell the judge your pain is a nine out of 10. This will help quantify your issue.

Make sure that you tell the judge during the hearing you’d rather be able to work than become someone dependent on help to survive. This could help push the decision about the claim in your favor if you show you truly want to get back to work in the future.

Have a list of all your medications at the ready for the hearing in the event that the judge asks what medicines you currently take.

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