How Do I Know If I Am Entitled To Receive Social Security Disability?

Entitled to Social Security

If the health of an individual is so bad that it is impacting their capability to work, it might be time for the person to consider the help of a Federal Program that will specifically assist them to overcome the hardships that are associated with an injury. Social Security Disability Insurance is designed to provide either short-term or long-term insurance for employees that pay through the program through their employer.


There are several ways for you to apply to receive Social Security Disability benefits. You could call them on the phone and set up an appointment online, or you could apply online through the Social Security Administration website. You could also set up an appointment at your local social security office to have them assess your situation. In order to catalyze the Social Security Disability process, you will not only need to form an application, but you will also have to fill out an Adult Disability Form.


You will need to provide the Social Security Administration with all evidence that supports your claim such as medical records and a thorough description of your medical condition that results in disability. If you do not provide medical records to the Social Security Administration, they will try to obtain them for you. You will also be required to show the Administration the names/dosages of all medications that you take, a certified copy of your birth certificate, a copy of your most recent W-2 form, and a summary of where you worked and the kind of work you did.


Along with the first application that you filed, you will also be required to submit other forms such as those that make you describe your medical condition in detail and how it affects your ability to perform tasks at work.


Some applicants fail at filing all of these documents and claims timely because they fear the outcome of being denied. Although the Social Security Administration can only accept a certain number of cases each year, having your case dismissed is not the end of the world. Many cases initially get rejected. Once an application is denied, they can appeal the decision. From there, the administration will review the case again and grant benefits for a legitimate disability.


Some have the misconception that Social Security Disability will replace their income 100 percent. This is false. It is considered a backup for people that cannot work full-time. It is mostly meant for individuals to meet their basic living need which on average is $1,165 a month.


It is imperative to remember that Social Security Disability is centered around a need-based program. If you are able to return back to work fully, then your benefits may be revoked depending on whether or not your disability is still hindering you.


The Social Security Disability process can be challenging and emotional, but it is important for applicants to refrain from becoming discouraged. The experienced attorneys at Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo are dedicated to helping individuals with their Social Security Disability case.

If you are in need of an attorney to help you navigate through the process of filing a claim, contact our dedicated legal team at (877) 299-0779 for a free case evaluation.

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