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May 2014 Archives

Chronic kidney disease patients on SSDI may benefit from walking

Roughly 26 million Americans are affected by chronic kidney disease, including individuals in Pennsylvania. This specific disease causes kidneys to stop functioning properly. It is a very dangerous disease, but sufferers can follow strict diet guidelines in an attempt to somewhat manage the disease. In addition, those with chronic kidney disease may not be aware that they could be eligible for SSDI benefits. Moreover, a recent study suggests a specific type of physical activity may be able to prolong one's life.

Do migraines come with the bipolar disorder illness?

Bipolar disorder is a mental condition that can cause a person's mood to be uncontrollable. The mood shifts for a person with bipolar are extreme. The disorder affects more people in Pennsylvania and across the country than one might think. In fact, more than 2.5 percent of individuals in the United States suffer from the mental illness, some of whom may need to apply for disability benefits in the event their illnesses prevent them from working.

Railroad employee attributes injury to company's negligence

A Pennsylvania man has filed suit against his former employer, Amtrak, in connection with an incident that took place three years ago. The man suffered an electrical shock in the incident, and his suit claims that the company was in violation of the Federal Employers' Liability Act at the time due to its failure to provide a safe working environment. The man indicates that his workplace injuries would have been prevented if his managers had followed proper safety protocols. The accident occurred on June 7, 2011, as the man attempted to move a light tower. He alleges that his managers neglected to deactivate the tower's wires, resulting in his experiencing an electrical shock. He suffered numerous injuries affecting his arms, head, feet, tissue and bones. He also faced prolonged time in the hospital due to neurological and cardiac injuries. He has indicated in his complaint that the negligence of his company resulted in his loss of potential earning ability. Additionally, he indicates that he has had to pursue expensive medical attention because of his accident. The worker is seeking more than $150,000 in the case. The FELA was enacted in 1908 by the Congress in order to assist railroad workers who have been injured in their line of work. This is a separate avenue from workers' compensation for seeking benefits related to an on-the-job injury. In this case, workers' compensation may not have been sufficient to cover the extent of medical treatment and loss due to the magnitude of his injuries. An injured railroad employee may find that it is helpful to discuss an on-the-job accident with an attorney because of the option of pursuing FELA benefits. The attorney may assist with investigating the circumstances of the accident and compiling relevant facts while observing the statute of limitations governing an FELA claim.

Worker killed by falling manhole cover

A Pennsylvania workplace accident on May 5 left a 32-year-old man dead. The construction accident happened in the afternoon at a work site in Somerset County. According to witnesses, a concrete form fell just as the workers were finishing their job installing manhole covers. One of the manhole covers fell, effectively pinning the man beneath it.

Understanding the melanoma illness for Skin Cancer Awareness

With May being Skin Cancer Awareness Month, it could be a good time to raise awareness about melanoma. Many individuals in Pennsylvania have likely heard of this particular type of skin cancer, but few people fully understand this illness. Melanoma can be one of the illnesses that could qualify someone to apply for disability benefits, in the event they become permanently disabled.

Those on Social Security Disability may benefit from exercise

When Pennsylvania residents are living with a disabling illness or injury, it is a known fact that money and energy are scarce. Because of this, many individuals turn to Social Security Disability benefits to obtain the help that they need. A new study shows that roughly 50 percent of disabled adults are not adequately active, which creates even more stress on their bodies, their health and their overall well-being.

Government trying to prevent Social Security disability fraud

Social Security Disability Insurance is available in Pennsylvania to those who truly need benefits due to a physical or mental condition and have paid Social Security taxes over a certain length of time. However, some people who don't have legitimate medical problems attempt to get a piece of the Social Security disability pie as well. This is why the Social Security Administration is ramping up its efforts to prevent and detect disability fraud.

Freak accident injures Philadelphia construction workers

A freak accident that occurred in North Philadelphia April 29 has resulted in injuries to two construction workers. The two men were working for a construction company hired by the Philadelphia Housing Authority to demolish a three-story row house on Diamond Street. However, their injuries were not directly related to the job they were working on but occurred when a portion of the adjacent building's facade collapsed, dropping bricks on them.

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