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December 2013 Archives

Temp employees more likely to suffer workplace injury

The concept of staffing through the use of temporary employees has grown in Pennsylvania and elsewhere since the 2008 economic downturn, employing at the end of 2013 some 2.8 million people. However, reports abound regarding workplace injury suffered by blue-collar temp workers. A recent analysis of these employees' claims for workers' compensation showed that in five states, temporary employees in factories and other industrial work sites faced a much greater risk of injury than did the same industries' workers in the same locations.

A disability claim needs an organized medical presentation

Social Security disability or SSI claims generally follow the same universal procedures. First of all, it's clear that most people in Pennsylvania and nationwide fail in their initial application for benefits. Moreover, there's no correlation between the denial and the merits of the claim. The steps that follow the initial rejection are called an appeal. The appeal is concluded when an administrative law judge (ALJ) makes a decision on the disability claim, almost always after conducting a hearing or hearings.

Social Security disability claim often includes a hearing

Social Security disability is a federal program that compensates eligible workers who have developed a disability and can no longer work. In Pennsylvania and nationwide, a disability claim must prove that the individual cannot engage in any substantial gainful work activity. This can generally be proved by the claimant's submission of medical evidence.

Ruling gives hope to employees with latent diseases

Plaintiff attorneys are praising a ruling from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on an employee's ability to sue an employer for latent diseases. In November, the court ruled that employees could sue their employers over latent diseases caused by unsafe work conditions even if the occupational disease was diagnosed more than 300 weeks after the employee's exposure to the unsafe conditions. Prior to the ruling, individuals could only seek compensation if the injuries or illnesses were diagnosed within a 300-week period.

AIA tries to slash workers' compensation costs

The American Insurance Association submitted a statement calling for physicians to only be allowed to dispense a five-day supply of re-packaged prescription medication. This statement was submitted to the Pennsylvania House Labor Committee. The reimbursement amount for these medications was also limited to 110 percent of the average wholesale price. In 2012, members of AIA wrote almost $6 million, or 23 percent, of workers' compensation premiums in the state.

Social Security disability: Nationwide approvals decline

Every person in the United States who is unable to work due to a disabling condition has the right to file for Social Security disability. However, the simple act of filing does not mean that the individual will be approved for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Indeed, in recent years, it seems that fewer Pennsylvania residents are getting approved for this form of government financial assistance.

2010 construction accident leads to $2.25 million judgement

A court in Philadelphia decided that a construction worker who was severely hurt in an accident that occurred on Mar. 22, 2010 was entitled to $2 million. The verdict also awarded the man's wife $250,000 because she had lost marital benefits due to her husband's injury.

Pennsylvania residents on SSI will experience a raise for COLA

Many Pennsylvania residents know all too well how much SSI can help those who no longer work due to retirement or other circumstances. One negative side to SSI is the fact that although the amount of money given stays the same, the cost to live raises. This will now change for almost 60 million Social Security beneficiaries who will see the change early next year, and the eight million on SSI will see the raise at the very end of 2013.

Employee sustains preventable fatal injuries at paper plant

Workers in Pennsylvania could find this story about a death at an Ohio paper plant interesting. On July 23, at the Cheney Pulp and Paper Co. in Franklin, a forklift operator was killed as he traveled beneath a machine called a rotary digester that was in operation at the time. The machine struck and killed the worker when he passed under it. His skid-steer loader had no rollover protection structure at the time, since it had been removed. That modification is a serious Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violation.

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