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Expressing what it means to be disabled through art

Living with a disability is often challenging. Whether physical, mental or developmental; a disability by it's very definition is a deviation from what is considered normal. As such, individuals classified as having a disability often view the world around them and others through the lens of their disability. 

Construction worker dies in farm accident

A construction worker was killed in a work-related accident on a Pennsylvania farm. The 28-year-old man was working on the trusses of a barn when the workplace accident took place. The man fell 25 feet onto the construction site and was fatally injured. The incident took place during the early morning hours.

Councilman Lacks One Vote to Pass Sick Leave Bill

A councilman in Philadelphia knew the reasons for allowing mandatory sick leave for employees. The New York City Council has recently approved mandatory paid sick leave. Sick leave is separate from FMLA leave and worker's compensation, which would compensate workers for any occupational disease.

The devastating effects of early-onset Alzheimer's disease

Many Pennsylvania residents can likely relate to at times feeling scattered or overwhelmed. Sleep deprivation and stress are often to blame for silly "mistakes" like putting the milk in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator or frantically looking for the car keys only to realize they are already in hand. When more troubling symptoms associated with memory loss and cognitive function persist, however, it may be a sign of a more serious medical condition.

Worker deaths have not declined in three years

A new AFL-CIO sponsored report indicates that at least 150 people per day died from work-related illness and injury in 2011. While 13 died from a workplace injury, the largest number, 137, died from illness contracted at work or exposure to environmental elements that caused illness. These numbers represent a steady trend for the past three years after four decades of decline in work-related deaths. Since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration began keeping records on workplace death in 1970, there has been a steady decline of fatality numbers that most experts equate with stricter enforcement of safety standards. However, in the past three years these numbers have shown almost no change. Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and OSHA show that Latino workers have a 14 percent greater number of workplace injuries than other groups. While workplace injuries represent hundreds of deaths per year, the greatest number of deaths come from illnesses. Nurses and firefighters are at the greatest risk, but other groups may be affected by environmental factors at work that can lead to illness and death. In all, 4,693 people died from work-related accidents and approximately 50,000 from illnesses in 2011. When a victim suffers a work-related accident, injury or illness, it may be difficult for him or her to collect workers' compensation for various reasons. A workers' compensation attorney may be able to help a worker who has suffered an injury or illness to collect compensation for medical costs such as treatments, prescription drugs, surgeries, hospitalizations, and tests. A workers' compensation attorney could help a victim collect compensation for lost wages, living expenses and other costs associated with a workplace injury or illness.

Safety rule delays and poor enforcement plague U.S. workplaces

According to the Government Accountability Office, workplace safety rules in Pennsylvania and other states take extremely long time periods to go into effect. Many spend seven to ten years in limbo before they're actually drafted and enacted, and after they become official, the situation isn't much better. The major government body responsible for enforcing workplace safety rules, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), suffers from a severe lack of resources that makes it impossible to adequately inspect all the workplaces that need attention.

More U.S. children diagnosed with having a disability

Any parent with contend that, at times, parenting can be challenging. Children of all ages have basic needs which need attending to and behavioral problems that must be addressed. Parents strive to provide a safe, happy and healthy home in which their children can grow and thrive. For parents of a child diagnosed with a disability; parenting can be especially trying and emotionally, mentally and financially draining at times.

National Nurse's Week

Krasno Krasno and Onwudinjo would like to recognize the hard work and dedication of all Nurses. This week go out of your way to recognize the men and women who dedicate their lives to helping us get better.

National Nurse's Week

Krasno Krasno and Onwudinjo would like to recognize the hard work and dedication of all Nurses. This week go out of your way to recognize the men and women who dedicate their lives to helping us get better.

Blame wrongly assigned when looking at SSD program deficiencies

In recent months and years, the Social Security Disability program has been the subject of much debate and conflict. As record numbers of individuals continue to apply for disability benefits, politicians and journalists have taken aim at the governmental subsidy program which they contend is broken.

Contractor fined for worker injury at Disneyland

Pennsylvania workers may be interested in a workplace injury case that occurred at Disneyland in November when a 37-year-old fell while cleaning the exterior of the popular Disney attraction Space Mountain. The worker suffered several broken bones.The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health recently announced that it levied a $60,995 fine against HSG Inc., the Los Angeles-based contractor who employed the worker. Cal-OSHA said that the contractor violated several rules and should have provided anchors for the employee. HSG has two weeks to file an appeal of the judgment. Earlier in the week, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health also proposed a $235,000 penalty against Disneyland for the workplace accident. Disney has not yet determined if it will appeal the fine.

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