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November 2012 Archives

Industrial accidents cause leg amputations and death

Workers in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. deserve to work in safe conditions, and there are federal guidelines to assure that such conditions exist. So when two serious workplace accidents occur in the same plant in less than three months, both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and District Attorney's office begin investigations.

Disability benefits could assist Parkinson's disease patients

Parkinson's disease is a nervous system and brain disorder that leads to tremors, in addition to problems with walking, movement and coordination. Those who are living with Parkinson's disease fully understand how Social Security disability benefits can help stabilize their financial situation.

Injured Hostess employees may still seek workers' compensation

It appears that Hostess Brands Inc. will be going out of business after more than 70 years. A last-minute attempt at mediation between the company and the union that represents many of the employees has failed, Hostess said in a statement. This means that the company's facilities in Pennsylvania could soon begin laying off its workers. However, though the company is dissolving, employees who were injured or sickened on the job could still be eligible for workers' compensation.

SSI requirements and program in need of an overhaul

In our last two blog posts, we've been examining the Supplemental Security Income as the government program celebrates 40 years of existence. In this post, we'll look at ways the SSI program could be strengthened or improved to better serve the needs of those individuals it's intended to serve and ultimately protect.

SSI program benefits disabled children and families

In our last blog post we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Supplemental Security Income program by discussing some general basics about the program. In this blog post, we look at how the SSI program benefits children with disabilities.

OSHA working with industry to prevent window washer falls

For the men and women who clean the windows on skyscrapers and other large buildings, falls are one of the most common sources of injury. As readers in Philadelphia know, any fall from a great height can cause very serious injuries that could lead to permanent disability or death. For this reason, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which oversees worker safety, is teaming up with an industry group to spread the word about window washer safety.

Supplemental Security Income program celebrates 40 years

The Supplemental Security Income program recently celebrated its 40th anniversary of being signed into law by President Richard Nixon. To celebrate, we begin a three-part blog series covering the SSI benefits program.

Firefighters can receive compensation for job-related cancer

A 2011 law that allows Pennsylvania firefighters to seek workers' compensation for cancers that resulted from exposure to carcinogenic fumes brings state law into line with how other states treat these cases, according to a state official. The law recognizes that carcinogens can linger in the body for years before cancer actually appears.

Study reports that most voters are in favor of SSDI program

Is there anyone in Pennsylvania who is wishing the national election was four weeks or months away, instead of four days away? Much of the national discussion has centered on the economy, employment and the budget. If you are someone with disabilities, you may be feeling a bit discouraged by the discussion and fearful for the future of one of the Social Security Administration's signature programs.

2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries in 2011

Some interesting statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: according to the agency's annual report, the rate of nonfatal worker injury and illness stayed about the same between 2010 and 2011 at nearly 3 million such incidents nationwide. While it is good news that the number of job injuries did not go up last year, it was the first time in nearly a decade that injuries and illnesses did not go down.

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