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March 2012 Archives

Pennsylvania paper plant worker dies in machine repair accident

In everyday life, a number of different paper products are used in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, homes and offices. Though these items are commonplace in our lives, we may not think about the workers responsible for manufacturing these goods. Despite requirements for sufficient safety measures in paper plants, and other industrial sites, serious accidents still happen.

Construction workers buried in building collapse, one killed

In the current economic recession, the construction industry has been particularly hard hit in Pennsylvania and across the country. Many construction workers are out of work, so whenever someone is able to land a construction job, it's usually considered a good thing. One man, who immigrated to the United States in 1997 looking for opportunity, was working in the construction business until a recent building collapse claimed his life. The fatal construction accident also caused two others to sustain severe injuries.

Complaint filed against asbestos abatement firm

It is widely-known that any amount of exposure to asbestos can be harmful. A person would think that a firm specializing in asbestos removal would take all the necessary precautions to protect their employees against a serious workplace injury. However, one asbestos abatement company, that performs work in Pennsylvania, has had an Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration complaint filed against them for failing to provide the proper safety equipment.


The Sunoco plant has recently had a mass layoff, leaving thousands of hard working employees fighting for their financial futures. Although unemployment compensation and severance packages are options, they really serve as a band-aid on the bigger issue. "Where do I go from here." If you are not injured on the job, a good suggestion is to look into retraining in some other field. You can utilize some of the money from a severance package or apply for a grant by the state. If you are an injured worker, your focus should be on getting better. You are entitled to continuing wage loss (tax free) and medical expenses related to your work injury. If you would like more answers to these tough questions, please call Jason Krasno or email him at

What does an injured worker do when they have no insurance and need surgery?

This is one of the toughest questions for a lawyer to answer because there is no easy solution. If the workers' compensation insurance carrier is denying your medical care related to the work injury, the case will have to be litigated and a Judge's Decision will have to be issued. This can take up to 18 months. An option like this is difficult to accept but it is also the reality for a large number of injured workers. Cobra benefits can be expensive and given the fact that the injured worker is out of work, it may be too financially burdensome. There is state-funded Adult Insurance Plan which is a welfare based medical insurance. However, the DPW insurance is difficult to get and not a lot of medical practices accept this. So, what options are left? There are certain doctors in Pennsylvania that understand the complexities of workers' compensation based medicine. At Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo, we work with dozens of physicians and rehabilitation centers that recognize the plight of injured workers. Many of these medical practices will see an injured worker for an evaluation and/or even agree to perform surgery or rehabilitation without insurance. If you are in the situation I am describing and need help, call Jason Krasno at Krasno Krasno and Onwudinjo or visit or email him at jkrasno

OSHA cites firm for unreported injuries at Hershey plant

Coming to the United States can be an exciting ­and nerve-wracking experience for foreign exchange students. Above all, these students view their time abroad as a tremendous opportunity to learn. Unfortunately for some foreign students in Pennsylvania, their experience was not as positive as it could have been as they were exposed to unsafe working conditions at a Hershey's candy distribution plant.

Workplace safety is vital for carpal tunnel prevention

Those who work in Philadelphia offices probably don't consider themselves the most likely candidates to suffer from a workplace injury. Just because a place of work does not routinely expose workers to the possibility of catastrophic injuries, does not mean they are immune from harm. Performing low-risk tasks repeatedly can leave employees with painful, debilitating injuries. One of the most common repetitive motion injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome, but employer can and should take steps to prevent this medical condition.

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