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Work Related Electrical Injuries

There are many professions that require workers to maneuver around live power sources. The obvious are electricians and telephone repairmen. However, most employees are required to work around some electrical source such as an outlet, computer etc. Most of us have experienced a shock from an outlet or light switch at one time in our life. However, a large majority of us do not realize that damage that can be caused by a significant burst of electricity traveling through our body. An electrical surge or pulse can damage tissue (skin, muscle, etc), fracture bone, cause memory loss, nerve damage or death. I have seen limbs blown off by power surges in my practice. For more information on work related electrical injuries please contact Jason Krasno at or call him at 1 800 952 9640.

Work-Related Heart Attacks or Myocardial Infarctions

One of the leading killers of people in the United States is a heart attack. Many of us go through our daily lives never considering the possibility that we have heart disease. Some of us are lucky, others suffer the consequence of not addressing this potentially fatal condition. In the realm of workers' compensation, people with blocked arteries put themselves at greater risk when they work in a job that causes over-exertion. If you are doing a manual labor job in hot temperature, your body is working harder to cool itself off. You are sweating more to cool yourself off and your heart is in overdrive to help produce enough oxygen to your body to allow it to continue to perform the task at hand. If you are doing manual labor in cold temperature, the same phenomena holds true although your body is trying to stay warm which in turn means more blood flow to your extremities and more strain on your heart. Even if you are working in a comfortable climate, you can still over exert yourself. If you had a heart attack on the job and need answers, please call us for a free consultation at 1 800 952 9640. You can email Jason Krasno at

If I Injure My Neck, Why Does My Arm Hurt?

Many neck injuries result in nerve damage in the cervical spine. The cervical spine and its surrounding tissues are a complex network that helps control multiple functions in your body including sensation and motor skills in your arms and hands. Nerve injuries feel like pins and needles or the sensation of your hand "falling asleep." It is important to seek medical treatment right away to determine if you have injured a nerve in your neck. Please call or email Jason Krasno if you need a referral to a qualified physician who treats neck injuries.

What Happens When Your Employer Blows You Off After You Report a Work Injury

There are specific guidelines for employers to follow when a work injury occurs. They are to provide you with an incident report, a panel list of physicians and report the injury to their workers' compensation insurance carrier. Unfortunately, employers do not always follow these guidelines and leave you hung out to dry. If you have an uncooperative employer, print an incident report from our website and hand a copy to him. If you are not provided with a list of panel physicians, make an appointment with your family doctor or call our firm to direct you to the right medical professional. If your employer fails to report the injury, we will file a claim on your behalf.

Settlements, How Do They Work?

Injured workers in Pennsylvania can settle the wage loss portion of their case or the wage loss and medical portion of their case. Payments are made in lump sum payouts or as annuity payments over time. An injured worker can negotiate to have an open medical settlement or close out their medical after a set period of time or at settlement. The wage loss portion of the settlement is based on your compensation rate (amount of your workers' compensation check) not your gross wage. The wage loss portion of the settlement DOES NOT factor in pain and suffering, punitive damages or loss of consortium. Negotiating the medical aspect of a settlement is trickier. Insurance Companies do not like to keep medical benefits open because it leaves them with too much risk in the future. For more details on workers' compensation settlements, please contact Jason Krasno.

If My Employer Goes Into Bankruptcy While I Am on Workers' Compensation, Will This Affect My Case

Your Workers' Compensation Checks are funded by the Worker' Compensation Insurance Carrier, not your employer. So, if your employer goes out of business the workers' compensation checks will continue to be sent by the Workers' Compensation Insurance Carrier.

Why Do Insurance Companies Always Downplay Injuries

Could you imagine getting your finger chopped off and having an insurance company list it as a middle finger scratch. How about breaking your arm and the insurance company listing it as a forearm contusion. Workers Compensation Insurance Companies almost always try to downplay an injury. This servestwo purposes. The first purpose economic : its cheaper to pay for a strain, sprain or contusion than it is for a break, herniated disc or concussion. The second purpose is medical: its easier for the panel doctor or company doctor to say you are fully recovered from a sprain, strain or contusion than if they actually diagnosed what is truly wrong with you. If you are sick and tired of dealing with the BS that the workers compensation carriers are handing out day in and day out, call the lawyers of Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo. The lawyers of KK&O have been dealing with the workers compensation carriers for over 70 years. We know all of their tricks and how to handle them.

Do I Need To Have A Herniated Disc To Have Back Pain?

A lot of people have the perception that you have to have nerve root impingement from a herniated disc to have back pain. WRONG! There are a number of abnormalities in the spine and around the spine that can cause pain. A muscle strain/sprain can cause spasms which can be debilitating. Degenerative Disc Disease (Arthritis) can become syptomatic after a work injury. Annular tears which are tears in the annulus of the disc itself can cause chemical mediators to leak out and irritate the nerves. The SI Joint can become inflamed and mimic radicular type pain. It is important to understand the difference between Axial Back Pain (pain located just in the back with no radiating pain to the gluteus region, hips or lower extremities) and Radicular Back Pain which is caused by nerve root irritation. Please email Jason Krasno at or call toll free at 1 800 952 9640 for more details.

Importance of Following Up With Doctors

As an injured worker, you should not delay in getting medical treatment. Many times injured workers try to tough things out. "Toughing it Out" can severely aggravate your injury. A doctor is there to not only provide you with appropriate medical care but also give you advice. The most important thing after an injury is to work on getting better. You can only get better with appropriate medical care and following your doctor's recommendations. If you would like a list of qualified doctors in your area, please contact Jason Krasno. He has a solid working relationship some of the top medical practices in the State of Pennsylvania.

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