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A Special Thank You To Our Clients

The Law Firm of Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo would like to thank all of our clients for having the strength and perseverance to withstand the wear and tear of the Workers' Compensation Process. We hope you are successful in your case and recover from your work injuries. It is our goal to help lead the way to a speedy recovery both physically and financially.

What Does Supersedeas Mean

I get asked this question a lot. Supersedeas in its easiest terms means quick relief for the Workers' Compensation Insurance Carrier. If Supersedeas is granted it means that your workers' compensation lost wage benefits will be suspended until the final outcome of the case or the workers' compensation insurance carrier will be able to recover money it paid out for medical expenses from a special fund. Always follow up with your lawyer whenever you receive a petition in the mail. Your lawyer will be able to determine if a Supersedeas Request has been made.

I Am In Chronic Pain And It Is Starting To Affect Me Emotionally

Many times injured workers' will find themselves depressed or anxious after sustaining a work injury. An injury is painful and if it is not treated properly or your pain is not controlled it can take a heavy toll on your emotional well being. This is not something to be taken lightly. Relationships with family members, co-workers and friends can be affected by this shift in behavior. There is no shame in reaching out to religious person you respect, friend or psychologist or psychiatrist. It is important to treat the mind and body.

Dangers of Revealing Too Much Information on Facebook While On Workers' Compensation Benefits

Everyone is entitled to a social life and a social networking life.  However, people collecting workers' compensation benefits are held to a different standard when it comes to postings.  Workers' Compensation Insurance Carriers will do anything to discredit your name to gain an advantage in your workers' compensation case.  The best recommendation I can give you is to take a break from posting stuff on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc if it involves anything that has to do with your daily activities or personal life. Private investigators work around the clock to lure you into saying or doing something your not supposed to.  Remember, you can't tell who someone is when they are typing on a keyboard from an undisclosed location.  I don't want you to be paranoid, I just want you to be very careful.  We have had several client's lose their cases because of stupid comments on Facebook and Twitter.  Here are some examples of bad postings:

The Out of State Doctor Dilemma for Injured Workers

A number of my clients who get injured in Pennsylvania and live in another state have difficulty finding doctors to treat them. Many out of state doctors are concerned about how the medical bills will get paid. We see a number of clients who work in the Marcellus Shale Industry, Truck Drivers, Pilots and Cable Tower Technicians. This is a very complex issue that the Law Firm of Krasno Krasno & Onwudinjo is accustomed to handling. If you are running into this issue or similar issues, please give Jason Krasno a call so he can walk you through the process.

How Am I Going To Survive Financially If My Case Takes 18 Months To Litigate

If your workers' compensation case has been denied and the case has to go before a Judge, it can take a while for a Judge's Decision and Order. What options do you have during the waiting process? If you are able to return to work modified/light duty, you can try to return to work with your employer. If your employer cannot accommodate the modified/light duty restrictions, then you have the option of filing for unemployment compensation benefits. Unemployment Compensation Benefits will count as a credit against your workers' compensation benefits. Some people also apply for Welfare Benefits to help ease the financial burden while waiting for compensation benefits. If you do apply for Welfare Benefits, a lien will be asserted against your workers' compensation case.

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Our Philadelphia firm and attorneys have received numerous accolades in the area of workers' compensation law. Several of our attorneys have been recognized by their peers and listed in Super Lawyers since 2006. The Super Lawyers process recognizes the top lawyers in their fields in Pennsylvania.

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