Heavy Tools Can Cause Serious And Debilitating Work-Related Injuries

Quite a few industries put workers at risk of injury in accidents caused by close proximity with heavy machinery. Accidents involving industrial machinery often include:

Types of heavy machines causing these injuries vary by industry, and may include any of the following (to name just a few examples):

  • Pneumatic roller and power hammer
  • Air compressor
  • Robotic heavy machinery
  • Forklift and auto lift
  • Drill press and hydraulic press
  • Belt grinder
  • Chamfering machine
  • Sheet metal punch
  • Band saw, lathe and sheet metal equipment

Whether a forklift injury mangled your foot or your arm got caught in a punch press, you owe it to yourself to get qualified legal counsel after suffering a serious workplace injury. In addition to a workers' compensation claim, there may be a third-party liability claim against an equipment manufacturer, repair and maintenance company or a subcontractor. Talk to a Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo attorney with a great deal of experience representing injured workers for the best results after a construction or industrial machinery accident.

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