Skilled Lawyers Looking Out For Injured Police Officers

Law enforcement officers serve to protect us every day, and it is our duty to serve them when their protections fall short. We are experienced attorneys with 11 offices across Pennsylvania. We fight persuasively for the rights of workers in the full range of industries and occupations, and we advocate for their maximum compensation in challenging situations. We are prepared to bring appeals against employers and insurance carriers that move to deny or reduce your compensation.

Who Protects The Police?

At Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo, we understand that police officers, just like any other worker in the state, can sustain work-related injuries in a variety of situations, including work in the office, on patrol, in training and a number of other duties. However, some duties require officers to risk their personal safety or their lives every day. Dangerous activities and regular duties are often covered by Heart and Lung benefits or Injured on Duty (IOD) benefits, but in certain situations, these claims can be denied or workers' compensation benefits might provide better recovery.

The Right Compensation For Your Situation

Initial claims are often denied or benefits are not provided in full. Police officers can choose to pursue the compensation that provides them the coverage necessary for their particular injury and circumstances. A serious injury can significantly alter your career or even disable you to an extent that you can no longer work.

Our attorneys have extensive experience appealing denied claims in a range of police officer injury situations, and we can help you fully vet your options. Since 1936, our law firm has been serving workers throughout Pennsylvania. We have handled tens of thousands of cases and won tens of millions of dollars for our clients with thorough investigations, diligent preparation and aggressive representation.

Get Help From An Experienced Lawyer

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