Repetitive Trauma Injuries At The Workplace

Not all work-related injuries can be pinpointed to a certain time or event. An injury caused by repetitive trauma will slowly manifest itself over time, leading to serious consequences and even long-term disability.

If you have suffered a work injury caused by repetitive trauma, strain or overuse, you may be entitled to medical and wage benefits through the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act. Contact an experienced Philadelphia repetitive trauma injury attorney for answers to your questions and to discuss your legal options regarding a repetitive trauma injury.

Some Injuries Build Slowly Over Time

It can sometimes be difficult to determine the exact cause of a repetitive trauma injury. Injuries to the hands, wrists and arms, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, can result from excessive keyboarding, the use of vibrating hand tools, or the need to perform frequent gripping, flexing and extension motions. Shoulder and neck trauma may be caused by hours of sitting in front of a computer screen. Hip, knee or spine or back injuries may be the result of years of repeated lifting or squatting.

Whatever the cause of your repetitive trauma injury, it must be taken seriously. You need to have access to the appropriate medical care in order to limit the possibility of permanent disability. In addition, certain accommodations may need to be made to prevent further damage once you return to work. You deserve to work in a safe environment that does not compromise your health.

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