Fall-Related Injuries At The Workplace

Fall injuries from extreme heights are almost always catastrophic for both the victim and his or her family. These injuries require years of rehabilitation and therapy. The medical bills can be staggering and are not something the victim should be responsible for, especially if the injury occurred at work or there was negligence attributed to a third party. We are here to make sure you obtain the workers' compensation benefits you deserve. In addition, we always examine each individual case for all routes of recovery.

Work-Related Falls Can Be Catastrophic

A fall from a height — whether from off the roof of a building or the back of a truck or from work equipment — can result in debilitating and permanent conditions related to back, head, spinal cord and brain injuries. Many of these injuries occur in construction work, but there are also nonconstruction accidents that involve falling off work equipment, slipping off machinery at a plant, falling off the back of a loading dock and more. Even falling from a short distance can cause serious impact, resulting in grave injuries.

If you or a loved one suffered a fall injury, please seek experienced workers' compensation counsel. In some cases, returning to work may not be an option. Tell us about your fall, and we will go over your options.

Types Of Injuries From Falls

While the most common types of fall injuries include broken/fractured bones, neck injuries and back and spine injuries, those impacting the spinal cord or brain are the most life-altering. Permanent paralysis or brain damage means having to learn how to live your life differently. This is not easy, physically or emotionally. We are here to help you take care of the financial aspects of this challenge so that you can focus on the road to recovery instead.

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