Chemical Burn Injury And Compensation

Chemical burns can occur from exposure to corrosive substances anywhere, but they are a common work injury in industrial, manufacturing, shipping, agricultural, auto repair, maintenance, construction and other occupations. Chemical burns do not need a source of heat. Injury occurs on contact and is very painful. Chemical burns might not be immediately noticeable as they can damage tissue under the skin.

It is critical to seek proper medical care immediately after contact with a chemical such as an acid, base, oxidizer, solvent, reducing agent or alkylating agent. If you have experienced a work-related chemical burn, consult an experienced workplace injury attorney as soon as possible to gain an understanding of your rights to workers' compensation.

How Serious Are Chemical Burns?

Chemical burns can cause severe damage and sometimes fatal injury. Over time, prolonged exposure to chemicals or an old chemical burn could be the source of cancer. A burn can occur through physical contact, inhalation or ingestion.

If you have suffered a work-related chemical burn, you might be entitled to compensation from a third-party company or a product manufacturer. Our dedicated lawyers can fully investigate the cause of your injury to ensure that your case receives the most comprehensive and thorough representation possible.

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