Compassionate Legal Counsel For Victims Of Disfigurement

Being burned or undergoing amputation as a result of a work-related accident can result in acute physical and emotional trauma. Not only is the victim subject to serious pain, but he or she must also learn to live with a permanent disfigurement.

If you or a loved one is left with a physical disfigurement following a workplace accident, workers' compensation may cover the necessary medical and psychological care. In these difficult times, be certain to speak with an experienced attorney to discuss your legal options.

Burns, Scars And Disfigurement Injuries

Injuries that result in burns, scars or disfigurement can pose unique challenges for the victims. While some may result in serious damage that prevents people from conducting their daily activities, others result in damage that is also emotional. Some of these types of injuries involve:

  • Facial burn injury
  • Scarring on the face and neck
  • Burned hands and fingers
  • Chemical burns
  • Burns from explosions

Burns can be extremely painful, and may require long-term treatment or surgical grafts. Sometimes, scarring left behind after a burn injury can limit range of motion, which can affect a person's ability to work. Whatever happened to cause your workplace-related burns, scars or disfigurement injuries, our compassionate and attentive lawyers at Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo are ready to represent you and help you get all the assistance you need to move forward.

Understanding The Emotional Impact Of Disfigurement

Some burns, scars and disfigurement injuries — especially those to the face — cause an emotional impact as well as physical pain. It can be extremely difficult for those with a physical disfigurement to become reacclimated to their previous life. The emotional burden can prove to be overwhelming and lead to difficulties with body image, mental health and interpersonal relationships. Psychological symptoms, such as depression, require treatment just the same as the physical symptoms. When you work with Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo, we make sure we have a full picture of the extent of your injuries — physical and psychological — so we can fight for the full compensation you are owed. Making certain the victim of a burn, crush or amputation injury has the means to get the help he or she needs is of vital importance to our firm. The road to recovery from these injuries can be long, and we are committed to getting you all the resources you need to take that journey.

A Law Firm Sensitive To Your Unique Needs

At the Philadelphia law firm of Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo, we are dedicated to helping victims of workplace disfigurement secure the benefits needed to live a life of dignity. Whether your workplace accident will eventually allow you to return to your job or you have become permanently disabled, we will protect your rights and help secure the resources you need to move forward.

Workers' compensation may not be the only option for burn, scar and disfigurement victims. Some people may also be able to pursue Social Security Disability benefits. Our firm handles both matters. We are able to look into every available option in our quest to get you the financial support you need to overcome your injuries.

With multiple locations throughout the state, we are always nearby. We understand that you enlist us to be there for you when you need us, so we will be. When you call to ask a question or simply to voice a concern, your call will be answered. You will have an experienced attorney ready to help you at all times.

Contact Us For Effective, Caring Counsel

In our decades of experience, we have come to understand that cases involving burns, scars and disfigurement require the utmost sensitivity and compassion. In our office, you will always be treated with the respect you deserve. Rest assured, we will do all we can to see that you receive the benefits you need. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. Call us at 877-794-2396 toll free to set up a free consultation.